MC23Words from victims of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
345Absolutely, Humanly, it cannot be forgiven.
346Only if there hadn't been Genbaku(Atomic bombs), my children and husband wouldn't have died.
347Human kind will die in devastation if we use them once more.
348Atomic bombs take all different kinds of life away.
349Such things must not be used again.
350I would never take revenge by using an atomic bomb.
351Opposing to atomic bombs are the voices of A-bomb victims themselves.
352We shouldn't protect the nation
353I will not think twice about choosing to be occupied.
354It is we ourselves and no one else that suffer from wars.
355Why don't we give up war in this world?
356Defensive capabilities are absolutely necessary.
357There should not be any more wars.  But who can ever say there'll be none?
358I want Japan to possess atomic bombs.
359Our government and people are lacking in understanding and sympathy toward A-bomb victims.
360Sometimes a horrible idea occurs to me.
361Even if I take a rosy view, the odds would be even, which human beings can survive.
362It's too absurd to talk about.
363Japan soldier did all kinds of wrong as possible as they could.
364We really went to stupid war.
365Japan had attacked from the air; I realized the horrors of war.
366We Shall Not Repeat the Evil.
367We killed a lot of young on the battlefield.
368I would want to be pilgrim and go to look for my daughter.
369Two children of mine burned to death in flames.
370The hardship has all causes by me.
371If a nuclear war happens, it is the fate of God.
372The A-bomb is a big hand out of God.
373To awake the Christians in Urakami.
374It feels like we have been burdened also with the guilt of the perpetrators.
375That was the book I was quite impressed with.
376I can't say for sure that I am happy to be alive.
377I'd rather be reincarnated as a dog as long as I'm blessed with good health.
378I was right to stop short of killing myself.
379Substitute-Being-suffered (Daijyuku).
380Did we fight for such things at that time?
381I hope that they die who have knowledge about nuclear energy.
382We have to revenge by achievement of peace.
383Had I better hand down polluted blood?
384A-bomb survivors must not escape from the fact of being bombed.
385Parents, children and grandchildren -- three generations continue to carry on movement against atomic and hydrogen bombs.
386It's necessary that the survivors should tell (about their experiences) to the whole world.
387The experiences in Hiroshima and Nagasaki have been the most effective deterrent.
388I hope we'll be the last survivors of the A-bombed.
389The survivors of the A-bomb must appeal against the nuclear bombs.
390In the case of an A-bomb victim, we say a fact.
391The nuclear weapon is used someday.
392Only A-bomb victim to do movement of prohibition.
393Please make use of my story.
394For world peace, it is an A-bomb victim that is value more than a diamond.