308I'd like to go where Saint Mary is, with my hair tied in three-pieces.
309Pious and calm struggle against disease.
310Ave Maria gratia plena.
311Christians were noble at the point of death.
312I imagined myself to be burned.
313Doctor seemed to me a devil.
314Fat of horses, leaves of persimmons, dried cuttlefish, peels of bayberry.
315Morning is the bitterest memory.
316I have been to the "next world."
317A mosquito net was our house.
318Would he come back,  I wondered?
319My younger brother appeared in my dream and told me the place he died.
320Unknown that this is male or female.  "Supposed that this is a man aged ...."
321In front of eyes, the body was cremated.
322"If we could die wet with rain, we were willing to do so."
323"You're the poorest thief."
324I could only wash the baby.
325There was nobody who would be pleased, when my baby was born.
326I looked at my injured face into a mirror for the first time.
327My face had become ugly like turning my eyes away.
328An ugly face.  The cross that God gave me it.
329I have to expose my fox-like face to the public and live.
330I will not die. 
331Some comrades in the Army  who had taken care of us died before us.
332My son vomited a lot of blood and died.
333I'm in such agony that I feel like going mad.
334My two sons were both dead.
335I'm happy.  Buddha has come to meet me to Heaven.
336A boy was playing with the bone of my daughter, poking with a stick.
337Four of my family had died for one week.
338My father vomited a wad of blood like liver.
339I had to prepare for the worst thing to happen.
340I would not be alive by midnight tonight.
341I finally came to realise that my last day was getting close.
342Even her tears were the colour of blood.
343There is no medical treatment.
344Evening primroses had been in bloom over a burial mound where we buried the dead people.