MC21August 15th.  Hiroshima and Nagasaki learned Japan's unconditional surrender.
274Japan failed in war.
275Did Japan win the war or lose it?
276We all cried, both men and women.
277My wife said, "I wished the war had came to an end a little earlier."
278If Japan had surrendered a week earlier, my father would not have died.
279I didn't care whether Japan has won or lost.

280I wasn't bothered when I heard that Japan had lost the war.
281War made us suffer so much.  It didn't matter whether we won or lost.
282Could I make it back to my home town alive?
283All army officers must kill themselves.
284Better kill myself than being a prisoner.
285I threw my hood in the air.
286I may have been a hikokumin(traitor).
287It's a sheer waste to use woods to burn only one body.
MC22For three weeks from August 16 to the beginning of September.
288I'm finished if I have a nose bleed.
289He burnt our baby.
290My husband died and I was left with my children.
291My mother, wife, daughter all died with swellings on their bodies.
292acomia, speckles, leukopenic and fever.
293You may die in a few days.
294I gradually came to realise that something is wrong.
295A big change in hematopoietic functions.
296Radiation injury was the great majority.
297Medical science had no chance against it.
298Maggots crawled inside the bodies.
299Babies were carried to the incineration spot alive.
300Call out each other in a low voice.
301Oh, that one has died.
302The boy has made a noise till now.
303The person of attendance died earlier than the patient.
304Once we isolated them I had to leave them.
305It was much more peaceful in a field hospital.
306People carried bodies by garbage carts.
307The professor died as one soldier.