I wiped my brow with a towel since it was hot.  Then a large amount of hair came off.  I was so surprised.  When I pinched some on my head, they came out easily without pain.

I went off home with a shock.  The amount of combing grew day by day.  Soon after, I felt a bit dizzy.  When I saw myself in the mirror, my face was livid and glazed.

Red spots showed up when I rubbed the surface of my skin.  The number of WBC went down to 1100 (normal value: 4000-10000).  I suffered from a fever for ten days.  It is said that one raves in fever over 40 degrees C, but for me, I remained fully conscious.

After a while, my gum started bleeding.  I wiped the streaming blood again and again but it did not stop.  Then my gum started to fester.  The flesh of the upper jaw went bad as a lump of meat came out which left a hole in my mouth big as a thumb.  As a result, my teeth became unstable.  The blood did not stop at all and the fever up to 40.6 degrees C went on and on.