MC17Before dawn August 10 in the atomic bombing morrow.
227The sound of insects broke the still of the night.
228I stare at my hands even now.
229A charred body was burning on its feet.
230They were too weak to eat rice gruel.
231I set fire to dead bodies, praying for their souls.
232He got rid of dead bodies to drink muddy water.
233Yellow snot, red snot, and blue snot.
234Humans and animals died at the same place.
235A cat was licking the bowels which had broken out of a horse.
236Why did same Christians do such a thing?
237Both newborn baby and mother died.
238A baby was dead, with the umbilical cord linking to her mother's womb.
239It looked like a skinned rabbit.
240They got burned on the face and back.
241My younger brother was burned to death under a fallen house.
242It got hot, children cried in the fire.
243I myself committed my son's body to the flames and put his bones into a rice bowl.
244Someone's bones are gotten and enshrines.
245I couldn't find any bones of my family.
246It would be lucky to die in bed.
247There were still fires here and there.
248Although insects were alive, Masako-chan died.
MC18Nagasaki on the 14th from August 11.
249People opened the bodies' mouths and checked their teeth.
250' The hell on earth. '
251People were calling for water in low voices.
252My shortness of breath is a punishment from that day.
253I killed several people.
254An unborn baby was coming out of its mother's belly.
255I gave up and was going to die there.
256The corpses remained after four days had passed.
257I walked and opened the mouths of corpses.
258I found the four corpses of my family.
259A dead fetus protruded from its mother's abdomen.
260We sprayed light oil on many bodies and burnt them.
261Hungry person is allowed to eat this flesh!
262I said, "This person is still alive.  Don't burn!"
263I pulled out encephalon and intestine from body with the help of a Tobi tool.
264Memory of cremation of my students' corpses
265We confirmed 6,800 corpses.
266They dragged corpses as if they were sardines.
267Doctor run away leaving the tweezers behind.
268A station and then field were where I lived.
269I was born to be painter, such a terrible place.
270Please cure your illness at your house to take it.
271It was maybe all a complete lie.
MC19People who already have known a half day earlier than civic people that the war was going to end.
272Nobody slept a wink.
MC20the same night, at a town of SAGA prefecture.
273Only one dahlia flower.  A burial service at best.