MC13At the same time, in the west side of the hypocenter, such as Shiroyama Primary School.
187The town of Shiroyama was a sea of fire flames.
188Big trees were blown off.
189They were shouting from a collapsed house, "Help me!"
190They got me, his voice was barely heard
191Pray to Amida Buddha, my friend
192I couldn't walk but stepped on the dead bodies.
193Skins were torn off and plopped down.
194My skin was peeled and hung down.
195A girl had a piece of board stuck in her head.
MC14Rescue operations by the four National Railway trains.  The first train entered the hypocenter from the north of Nagasaki city before 1pm.
196There were cries for help from the victims everywhere, in the surrounding hills and paths.
197The injured persons made a stepping stone of other injured persons.
198The mailman was standing, but dead.
199I felt warm blood in my mouth.
200We were like pigs that were nearly beaten to death.
201A mistaken belief killed many people.
202The injured huddled like dogs and groaned.
203I could hear shards of glass jingling in the patient's lung.
MC15The south, Japanese National Railways Nagasaki Station in ground zero, the circumference, and old city district.
204Wasn't it a newly developed bomb, the same as the one which was dropped over Hiroshima?
205The area around the train station was chaotic.
206Fire started in the Nagasaki Prefectural Office.
207An Imperial Navy crewman will never die of an injury like this.
208Tell me your name or I can't tell who you are.
MC16From early afternoon to evening on August 9, 1945.  Movement toward from old city district to ground zero.
209I will work for my country when I get well.
210It was hell on earth.
211It was dreadful to hear the groaning of thousands of people.
212He was dead with his both arms stretched out for help.
213A pine tree had been pulled out and blown off.
214I ran every time the enemy planes flew away.
215I said the prayer of Job.
216I have forgotten the prayer.
217In the air-raid shelter, there were prisoners of the Allied Forces.
218I've forgotten my baby.
219The shelter was full of seriously injured people.
220Inside the ribs and skulls are difficult to catch on fire.
221Once they had water, they all died.
222If their pupils were open...
223My family may now be in the fire.
224Parents searching for their children jumped at me.
225The whole nation was gone.
226I walked home crying for Nagasaki on fire.