Hoping that I could receive some treatment for my injury, I went to the Nagasaki railway station.  However, there was chaos in the station yard which was filled with victims, dead or seriously injured, yet more and more of the sufferings were coming across the tracks.

Smoke was rising around Goto-machi (district), the Prefectural Office, and the Kozen-machi (district), too.  Fire had broken out in the area opposite to the station.  The streets were chaotic; roof tiles, garbage boxes, doors, screens and others were scattered about as if they were just thrown out of the houses.  People around were all covered in blood.  People coming across were almost dead.

I found myself leading some by the hand, giving some my shoulder and carrying some of the severely injured, even though I meant to go there for my own treatment.

Nagasaki Station and a gasholder in flames. Painting by Syouhichirou Komizo / Courtesy of Nagasaki Prefecture radiation victim's pocketbook club  
Both the painter and the speaker are survivors.