MC09On the evening of August 8th at the governor's office of Nagasaki.
133Governor, The new bomb dropped on Hiroshima is awful.
134The farewell meal was rice balls.
135I had dreamt the night before exactly as it happened in Nagasaki.
MC10On the morning of August 9th, Nagasaki
136We were under the extreme stress for the new type of bomb.
137My elder son did something he usually didn't before he left for his school.
138I still cannot forget my seven-year-old-son's back.
139Can gold letters in the window be kept until autumn?
140Three B-29s are heading toward the west.
141The electricity was suddenly cut off.
MC1111:02 AM
142The round ball pressured on Nagasaki.
143The red pillar of the flame stood up.
144The lukewarm wind passed my back.
145Heat flash hit me directly from the back.
146My shoes were burning
147The cloud like a demon was looking down.
148I found myself only in the camisole.
149People were dead with their eyes open
150My brother's head split in two.
151Cicadas shrieked, "Water, water!"
152The place had turned to quite another one.
153The blast pushed my back in waves.
154When I came to myself, I was in the boiler house.
155I mutilated her wrist with a saw.
156A man was burning alive.
157The bloody clouds reflecting the color of the flames.
158All of them sang the Japanese national anthem "Kimigayo".
159I had been paralyzed from the waist down.
160I was sleeping surrounded by flowers.
161Thousands of people were plodding.
162A woman had her beast cut.  She was sitting and crying.
163I was afraid that I had cut his heart.
164His back was missing, being scooped out.
165I was machine-gunned.
166Namu Taishi Henjou Kongou (One of Buddhist prayers)
167I made the sign of the cross to dirty water
168He said, "Please lift this roof up."
169Nobody gave me helping hands.
170They were human flesh that were walking on.
171People came over to evacuated one after another.
172I could have given him water.
173Don't cry, she was lulling her baby.  The baby was headless.
174Even my soul was blown off.
175Get out of this shelter of my family's!
176Nagasaki will never recover.
177I vomited even gastric juices.
178Oh, the fire caught the building of the prefectural office.
MC12About one hour before this time (at the moment of the explosion)
179I was an only survivor.
180The sun looked bloody red.
181All the housings as far as I could see were crushed flat.
182A point-blank shot hit to the ground by me.--- Everywhere was the same.
183Your face looks like a monster.
184Old man's belly was deeply cut.  Window sash pierced into the boy's stomach.
185This must be the end of the world.
186We've found our president, we will have the college headquarters right here.