We reached at the top of the mountain, and looked down the city.  Men of a dozen including me got paralyzed with the shock of what we saw.  The world below us was the sea of flame as far as we could see.  Smoke was so dense that we could not see the far distance.  Mitsubishi factories of armories right at the foot of the mountain, other factories, and Mitsubishi steelworks factories were all caught on fire.  I still remember the roaring sounds of burning-up flames.

We didn't know what to do and staggered down to the ground.  As we watched the scene, the flame started to catch the building of the prefectural office.  We all shouted,

 "Hey, the prefectural office began to burn!  What are the fire brigades doing?"

All fire brigades and fire fighters might have been all destroyed by then.  The fire started to leap on the building.  All of us there ground our teeth in the vexation.  The fire spread over the building as fast as it got.

Flames from the bombing. Painting by Oke Mizue & Makoto Hasegawa / Courtesy of Nagasaki Prefecture radiation victim's pocketbook club  
Both the painter and the speaker are survivors.