Somebody shouted,

 "Here comes the enemy planes!"

I was unable to move and sat down at the entrance of the air-raid shelter.  People who were standing at the shelter were machine-gunned.  The American pilot leaned out of the cockpit and shot us.  He was wearing his goggles.  Another plane behind it seemed to be taking pictures.

Somebody was shot and shrieked.  Another person crouched down covering his head with his hands.  Somebody said,

 "It's dangerous here.  Evacuate, please!"

On the roadside a burned streetcar was abandoned.  I saw two hanging bodies from its windows.  There were bodies that were stacked on top of each other at the entrance of the train.  The dead were here and there.  A person was asking, "Bring me with you!"  Another was bloodstained.  I felt as if I were placed standing in the centre of Hell.

Flying Grumman F6F and a factory in flames. Painting by Syouichi Fukahori / Courtesy of Nagasaki Prefecture radiation victim's pocketbook club  
Both the painter and the speaker are survivors.