On August 9th in the morning I held the emergency meeting as a Nagasaki Governor, calling up the mayors and the heads of towns and villages.  I said to the attendees,

 "We're having the important meeting today, do not hesitate to bring up your opinions."

Just before we started the meeting, Mr.Koura, the mayor of Sasebo city, came into the room.  He said,

 "I'd like to talk to you urgently, Governor"

I replied,

 "I'm about to start the meeting, but I can listen if you can make it brief."

He said,

 "Hiroshima is devastating"

I said,

 "Wait a minute, who told you that?"

  "I've heard directly from the Admiral of the Sasebo fleet."

"All right, it's rather good to hear that, because we're holding the meeting about that very problem right now.  Why don't you give them what you've heard directly from the Admiral?  It would be appreciated."

Then the electricity was suddenly cut off.