MC06Daybreak, August 7th, 1945 Hiroshima
093From upper stream bodies drifted and hit the oar of the boat
094We dug the riverbank and buried her two daughters
095My family of four was burnt to death under our collapsed house
096Only abdomen or hip remained unburned
097Do you have a hand mirror?  "Yes, I do."
098I was lost even to step on corpses
099Beautiful white bones are scattered
100On the Aioi Bridge there was the body of a little child
101People were kicking the body of American soldier
102A baby was sucking his dead mother's breast
103Soldiers dealt with dead bodies as rubbish
MC07The afternoon of August 7th
104The enemy used a new type of bomb
MC08Hiroshima for one week after August 8th, 1945
105We strode over bodies
106I was lucky not to have been in such a terrible bombing
107I should have let them drink as much as they wanted
108I had no choice but to say, "Yes"
109He would rather not see us
110Gas bubbled out of the bodies
111A man was pulling out a gold tooth from a body
112A man stripped the straw mat off me, then sold it to another person
113All my family is dying
114Possibly my husband might come out from behind the Atomic Bomb Memorial Dome
115People were shouting, "XXX!  Where are you?"
116Only the black letters on paper were burned
117I struck the dead bodies' eye sockets with a fire fighter's rake and dragged them along
118We stuffed up a cave with about 50 dead bodies and closed the entrance.
119I stuck a dead body with a hook and dragged it.
120This man is still alive.  Leave it aside
121I was more afraid of the Living than the Dead.
122We wrote only their estimated ages and sex
123Children play counting
124As if dead bodies burned dead.
125Gray objects.
126It was a tiny thing that my skin was dangling on my arms.
127Like old ragged futons that were drenched with oil.
128People who died in no time were happier than those who did not!
129Children died singing a war song
130Would this case possibly be caused by radioactivity?
131I did not feel scared even when I saw so many corpses.
132Six tanka poem reading