057A burnt skin peeled off, and it of the hand came.
058Many people fell into water tanks along roads.
059I think that I was a devil then
060My little sister jumped to me saying, "Sister!"
061The dead sat up abruptly
062Skins dropped off and the movements of the organs were visible
063The burning bridge fell down
064Flames shot up into the sky like the Niagara Falls inverted.
065A young woman was stark naked and was walking frantically.
066People were walking slowly like a flock of sheep.
067I thought it was a lump of meat, but it was a new-born baby.
068A person whose head had split in half and was still alive.
069A stick 30 centimetre long had pierced an eye of a young woman.
070I really discovered that such human tragedy could happen on this earth
071It was the hottest day I have ever experienced.
072Everyone was shouting, "Give me some water."
073The first aid post was like hell
074I thought that a bomb had struck a mental hospital.
075The injured rushed into my clinic.
076You've seen skinned fish, haven't you?
077The situation was quite severe for doctors.
078 Soldiers said, "Please treat my officer first" and died.
079A still attached eyeball was hanging below a boy's nose.
080She could tell her child by his belly-button.
082Now is the time to throw away our pens....
083They looked like foreigners.
084I will do the avenge of all of you.
085Many people died at the break of the day
086Everybody cried out loud
087Students died, singing the song "Till the Victory Day"
088Give me water.  I do not care if I die.
089I slept roughly, leaning over on a stone wall
090The girls all died
091My little brother died.  I should not have yelled at him.
092Maybe it was my mother's soul that visited me