We gathered in a place at the foot of a bridge.  It was surrounded by fire and was deadly hot.  I could not stay in one place because of the heat.

There were some electric poles piled up in the place so I tried to roll them down into the river, considering that hanging on to them in the river is the only way to survive.  But then the poles themselves caught fire.

Dead bodies were carried down from the upstream.

And the long arc-shaped bridge started to burn like a rainbow and fell into the water making a big noise.

A-bomb Drawings by Survivors. Painting by Kichinosuke Tamada / Courtesy of Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum  Corpses piled up against bridge pilings. Painting by Norihiko Myoken / Courtesy of Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum  Plaque commemorating Mifune Bridge. Photo taken by Akihiko Ito  
Both the painter and the speaker are survivors.