A Tribute to Rory Gallagher

The Best Blues-Rock Singer, Songwriter & Guitarist Ever!

by Reikorory : revised - June 8th, 2015

The Isle of Wight footage Release!!!

At the Opening Ceremony of Ballyshannon RG festival,
Mr. Donal Gallagher mentioned that
the footage of Rory's 'The Isle of Wight' will be released within this year !!!

@mark 9:30 You can hear Donal talk about it !!


The 3rd Rory Gallagher Tribute Festival in Japan
Oct. 18thกกกสSatกหกก Crawdaddy Club in Shinjuku, Tokyo

Thank you so much for your support! It was great!.

Photos and links for videos

pics from the 2nd tributeกก


Irish Tour '74 Box setกก
out in Oct !

กก Featured for the first time on record, all three shows -- Dublin, Belfast and Cork -- full set

amazon jp


Rest In Peace, Rod

According to his support page on FB, Mr. Rod De'ath passed away in sleep while recuperating from a surgery, on Aug 1st?

I just love his unique, passinate and awesome play.
Thanks a million, Rod. Will never forget you and your music


Here is a very sad announcement from Rory's beloved "Crowleys Music Centre" in Cork กก

Quote from its FB page on Aug. 10th, 2013

กษAfter 87 yrs of trading as Crowleys Music Centre we unfortunately closed our doors for good at 6pm this evening. Despite our best efforts and with everyones goodwill we are unable to continue. Obviously we love this place like our home and it will be missed.กษกก

Yes, it will be missed very much!! Thank you so much

Happy Birthday, Rory !
My Fav version "Tattoo'd Lady" '77 Jan 18th


Mr. Lou Martin has passed away on Aug. 17th
RIP Mr. Painoman, Thanks a million for the great music กก

PS :
Mr Ted McKenna has attended Mr. Lou Martin's Farewell ceremony on Aug. 29 and kindly reported that
he got together there with not only Mr. Donal Gallagher, Mr. Brendan O'Neil, Mr. Gerry McAvoy et al but also Mr. Rod De'Ath.
Lou must have been happy to see them together... Rest in Peace, Lou

"Mozart Jam" from "IT '74"


Try making it ?
PAPER solid body electric guitar กงกห

Here is for Rory's birthday !
A Million Miles Away 1974 Aug 13th

January 24th, 2012 ...

Rory's Band "Line-Up"กก

Rory's BBC performance listกก

Rory's Strat & others กก

Gotta check them !!!

All you want to know about Rory

my Japanese Rory page

Let's have Rory inducted into the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame!

Here is the petition site - Thanks a million in advance
After you signed, you will see a donation request page. It has nothing to do with this petition for Rory.
You may leave the petition site without doing anything. กก

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