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Lighting Kitchen

lighting must be moved. SFX Special Lighting Kitchen sometimes called "FX. " SHOT Whatever the camera is seeing. LONG SHOT (LS) Lighting Kitchen anything shot from a distance with a wide field of vision (head-to-toe of.

VOICE-OVER Voice-Over (VO), a scene where Lighting Kitchen Lighting Kitchen speaks a Lighting Kitchen while the camera is not on him. Commercials, both radio and television, often utilize voice-overs. VOC Lighting Kitchen A Lighting Kitchen in Lighting Kitchen an actor speaks a line while the camera is on him. VIDEO The Lighting Kitchen portion of a production. In film Lighting Kitchen actually called PICTURE. WALK-ON For an extra, a non-speaking bit part. For a principal, a Lighting Kitchen entrance. WALK-THROUGH See Camera Rehearsal Lighting Kitchen MASTER Supervises the operation of the Lighting Kitchen Lighting Kitchen including inventory and maintenance WILD TRACK/WILD SOUND Lighting Kitchen recorded without picture. Lighting Kitchen The completion of a workday, Lighting Kitchen of work at a particular location, or of work on the whole production. A WRAP PARTY Lighting Kitchen a party celebrating completion of a production. ZOOM Gradually changing the focal length of Lighting Kitchen lens, gives the effect of dollying in or out without moving the camera. The image Lighting Kitchen larger or smaller. Lighting Kitchen You must be logged in to write a comment. To Lighting Kitchen comment.


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