About the Website (Feb-1, 2013)

Wrap TherapyTM for pressure ulcer started on Sep. 2001 as a private site.

Its aime has been to informe medical professionals on new concept of

bedsore care, wound therapy; Wrap TherapyTM. It has since been developed into an universal idea of caring bedsores,wounds, burns thanks to contributins by those people; the wounded and their families, care givers, medical professionals.

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About the povider of the site


Dr.TORIYABE, Shunichi M.D.


1953 born in Aomori, Japan.

1979 graduated from Tohoku University Medical School

1979 worked at Suifu Hospital as an intern.

1982 worked as an internist and studied Hypertension at Tohoku University

Hospital 2nd Dpt of Medicine.

1990 worked at Kashimadai Hospital.

1996 conceived the idea of Wrap TherapyTM

1999 published the firs case report on Wrap TherapyTM.1)

2001 started the site on Wrap TherapyTM for pressure ulcer

2013 Clinical Director, Osaki City Hospital Kashimadai

1)Toriyabe S, Saito H, Sakurai K: Letter. Use of a food wrap as a dressing

material.Advances in Wound Care, 12(8):405-406, 1999.




This website is to introduce to medical professionals the ideas on

pressure ulcer management, Wrap TherapyTM. The basic idea is to treat

wounds of pressure ulcers by covering them with medical film dressing or

non-medical products; plastic wrap or paper diapers coated with petroleum

ointment). Wrap TherapyTM resembles occlusive dressing therapy but differs

in that dressing materials wrap the wound loosely and wick drainage away

from the holes/slits on the film instead of tightly containing inside the

wound. Although Plastic wrap is proven to be sanitary enough and in use

for emergency medicine2), it is NOT approved medical supply. Therefore its

use in your clients' care should be performed with cautions at the

physician's discretion and with his/her informed consent.

No responsibility is assumed, and responsibility is hereby disclaimed by

the provider of the website for any injury and damage to persons or

property resulting in the use of a plastic wrap in patient care.

2)Think Plastic Wrap as Wound Dressing for Thermal Burns www.acep.org


The basics of wound care

is cleansing and protection of the wound. You may be overwhelmed by the

amount of drainage and/or foul odor for some initial period of the

treatment. Excessive drainage, odor, erythema, heat, pain, induration,

fluctuanceas may be signs of infection. Please take appropiate prodedures

including drainage, debridement, systemic administration of antibiotics

without delay.

If your medical team decide to try Wrap TherapyTM, please choose a less

challenging case as an initial case. Use such medical film such as

Tegaderm or Opsite instead of plastic wrap. first. If the first client is

satisfied and your team is confident on the initial case, you may as well

tackle more challenging cases and try using plastic wrap.

The provider welcomes your questions and comments.


Disclaimer Statement:

Treatment of pressure ulcers is a medical act and should be performed

according to the physician's instruction. The contents and ideas described

herein are not necessarily in accordance with the guidelines of National

Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel or European pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel.

No responsibility is assumed, and responsibility is hereby disclaimed by

the provider of this website for any injury and damage to persons or

property from libelous statements, infringement of intellectual property

or privacy rights, or product liability, whether resulting from negligence

or otherwise, or from any use or operation of any ideas, instructions,

procedures, or methods contained herein. The information contained herein

is not intended to substitute for independent professional judgment or

treatment. The information contained herein is intended for educational

purposes only and is not intended for clinical application. The provider

requires that independent, professional verification of diagnosis and drug

dosages be made. The provider disclaims responsibility for any error in

any information contained herein, although every reasonable effort is made

to make sure the information on this website is current and accurate.