Bam! Big Mustaphas Play Stereolocalmusic (1997)

1. Intro / Lebedik un Freylekh 2. Singe Tema 3. To Tilefono Tis Xenitias 4. Mehmeteli 5. A Chilling Tale Party IV / Belz 6. Thalasso P'Ola Ta Nera 7. Vranjanski Ekspres 8. O Memetis 9. Hora Lui Marin 10. Besarabia 11. Niska Banja 12. Ainy La La / Ah Ya Assmar El Lawn 13. Cabra 14. Svadba 15. Bam!

Released in 1997, this CD contains their debut mini album "Bam! Mustaphas Play Stereo 100% Digital 100%" (1985), a mini album "L'Orchestre "BAM" de Grand Mustapha International and Party: Local Music" (1986), and two previously unreleased early songs. "L'Orchestre --" (tracks 7-13) is the first record after Sabah Habas joined the band, and they took a form as a big band with additional string players and the wind players. These tracks were recorded for BBC Radio 1's John Peel Show in winter 1985 just before thier German tour. Sabah Habas plays bass, but no singing.

Shopping (1987)

1. Lubav Kraj Izvora / Zvezdanovo (Skupovo) Kolo 2. Xamenh Evtexia / Fiz'n 3. Shika Shika 4. A Night Off Beirut 5. Selver 6. ?Voulez-Vous Danser? 7. Darling, Don't Say 'No' 8. Shouffu Rhirou 9. Valle e Pogradecit 10. Musafir 11. Szegerely Farewell

"Shopping" is the first full-album from 3 Mustaphas 3, and Sabah Habas takes lead vocal in Serbo-Croatian (track 1), Turkish (5), and Hindi language (10). Also he is doing main parts of Mustapha rap with Hijaz (track 2). I say the general tone of the album is Balkan/middle eastern, but there are some funky bass lines which don't really belong to those music. Listen to tracks 4 and 5 for instance!

Heart of Uncle (1989)

1. Awara Hoon 2. Trois Fois Trois - City Version 3 x 3 3. Sitna Lisa 4. Mama O 5. Ovcepolsko Oro 6. Kem Kem 7. Vi Bist Du Geveyzn Far Prohibish'n? 8. Kaba Mustapha / Valle e Gajdes 9. Trois Fois Trois - Country Version 3 x 3 10. Yeni Yol 11. Taxi Driver (I Don't Care) 12. Benga Taxi 13. Aj Zajdi Zajdi Jasno Sonce 14. Anapse To Tsigaro

In this second album, their "sister" Lavra takes a more prominent role. Sabah Habas sings in French (tracks 2 and 10), in KiSwahili (6), and in English (11). For track 11, Sabah Habas is credited as Tommy Habas -- is it because he sang it in a style of an English singer Tommy Steele from the 1950s? (The original version of this song is sung in Nigerian English). On track 13, Sabah Habas forms a vocal trio with Houzam and Lavra and they present beautiful and exotic chorus.

Soup of the Century (1990)

1. (a) Buke e Kripe Ne Vater Tone (b) Kalaxhojne 2. Zohar No 2 3. Soba Song 4. Golden Clarinet 5. Ti Citron 6. (a) Sadilo Mome (b) Tropnalo Oro 7. This City Is Very Exciting! 8. Yogurt Koydum Dolaba / Televizyon 9. Lipovacko Kolo 10. Madre 11. Ya Habibi, Ya Ghaybine 12. Mamo, Snezhets Navalyalo

The expanding Mustaphas reached even Far East! So, in this album Sabah Habas takes lead vocal in Albanian (track 1), and Japanese and American English (2). He also sings with Kemo in Macedonian (6), and with Houzam in Hindi (7). Track 2 is a cool song with a touch of gamelan music, and track 7 has a unique combination of Tirolean melody and Hindi lyrics! There are also very interesting bass lines in tracks 5 and 11, and it's really groovy on track 8! I must say, out of all Mustapha CDs, this is the best!!

Friends, Fiends & Fronds (1991)

1. Si Vous Passez Par La 2. !Starehe Mustapha! 1,11 & 111 3. Maldita Guajira 4. Linda, Linda (Ach ya Linda) 5. Kopanitsa 6. Linda, Linda (Szegerely Megarely Mix) 7. Fiz'N 8. Buke e Kripe Ne Vater Tone / Kalaxhojne 9. Anapse to Gigaro 10. Shouffi Rhirou 11. Niska Banja 12. Kag Kuzulu Geylan 13. Selma

This is a CD compiling songs from 7 inch and 12 inch singles with additional tracks. Sabah Habas's lead vocal is featured on tracks 4 and 6 (in Arabic and Hebrew), and track 8 which is a different version of the same song in "Soup of the Century". He also sings on tracks 1, 3, 9, 11 (in Serbian and Rom language), 12 (in Turkish), and 13 (in Indonesian language). Tracks 12 and 13 are new materials recorded in 1991.

V.A. / Balkans Without Borders (1999)

1. Dali Tzerni / CHARMING HOSTESS 2. Sjaj Mjesece / ZABE I BABE 3. Hosa Dyna / BRAVE COMBO 4. Surfin' Albania / IMMIGRANT SUNS 5. Esma / SLOBO HORO 6. Hajde Bukuri (Come, Beauty) / GRUPI ALBANET 7. Godecki Cacak / THE REPTILE PALACE ORCHESTRA 8. The Stars Are Shining (Radio Edit) / SZEKI KURVA 9. Gankino Horo / FARMERS MARKET 10. Geamparalele Tsambalul / ALEXANDER FEDORIOUK & ENSEMBLE "HARMONIA" 11. Zurle / BALKAN TRIBES 12. An Undoing World / THE KLEZMATICS 13. Ti Se Meli (What Do You Care กฤ) / ANNABOUBOULA 14. Maramarosi Tancok (Maramaros Dances) / MUZSIKAS 15. Halling from Macedonia / GARMARNA 16. Tiring Night / MEIRA ASHER & KOCANI ORKESTAR 17. Kako Kolan da se Vijem (Like a Belt I'll Wind) / ZLATNE USTE BALKAN BRASS BAND 18. Izniknami Badem Drvo / MIKE WATT & MASINA 19. Rece Cica / SVIRAJ 20. Anapse to Tsigaro (live) / 3 MUSTAPHAS 3 21. Shopetzki Kopanitsa / BOILED IN LEAD

Compiling Balkan tunes, this CD was released from Omnium Recordings in the U.S.A. in support of Doctors Without Borders (Medecins Sans Frontieres). Many of the songs, both in standard and modern styles, can be found in the albums of those musicians who took part in this project, but 3 Mustaphas 3 contributed a previously unreleased live recording from their show in Germany in 1988. For more information and sound samples, click here.

Play Musty for Me (2001)

1. Radio Szegerely 2. Ah Ya Assmar El Lawn 3. Ljubav Kraj Izvora 4. Perfidia 5. Speed the Traktor 6. Niska Banja 7. Szegerely Soul Stew 8. Si Vous Passez Par La 9. Maramurez Zydeco 10. A Chilling Tale / Harcourt Drowned 11. Nylon Dress 12. Valle e Pogradecit 13. Vrbas Voda / Prepisor 14. Traktorsko Kolo

This is an official bootleg with various recordings of 3 Mustaphas 3 during 1984-1994. Many of them are live recordings, so it's a great album especially for those (including me!) who could not go to their gigs! Sabah Habas is on all tracks except 1, 4, and 10, and singing on tracks 3, 6, and 11. (Track 6 is a duet with Lavra). Track 11 is sung in English, but it's a Nigerian song, and as dangdut rhythm is introduced, it shows an interesting fusion of Africa and Indonesia.

Tracks 2 and 5 have a lot of energy, and I suppose especially in track 2, members are playing in different styles of music simultaneously, but they match amazingly. Track 5 is their original tune and is something like an around-the-world-in 4-minutes song, as the style keeps changing in one song!