Denpasar Moon

According to Colin's interview as Sabah Habas Mustapha published in the "Folk Roots" magazine, No. 182/3 (Aug./Sep. 1998), the story began when he was in Jakarta on holiday and made some contact with local record company people. A year later, back in Jakarta, an arranger Johnny Kake helped Colin to arrange two songs ('Denpasar Moon' and 'Bali Girl') into dangdut, a style of Indonesian pop song. However, it was still an experiment, and "nobody really knew what to do with it".

Another year passed, and in 1992, Colin toured in Japan with Camel. By then, he had made a contact with Wave Records in Japan through his work with Rinken Band. So, he left his demo tape at the Wave Record and told them that he wanted to record a dangdut CD in Jakarta. This demo tape was passed to a man from Sony who thought 'Denpasar Moon' could be a big hit. As Colin got a message from the record company, he flew to Jakarta to record an album.

In the meantime, in Tokyo, Sony found a Philippine singer Maribeth, and recorded her version of 'Denpasar Moon'. This version was used for an advert for Sony hi-fis on Indonesian television -- and to everybody's surprise, it became a big success, and more than 50 cover versions were made in different styles, arrangement, and even in different languages!

Maribeth's version of 'Denpasar Moon' is in her album "Alone Against the World".

Following the success of 'Denpasar Moon', Sony asked Colin to write a song for Maribeth. So 'Borobudur' was written, and recorded for her album "Born to Sing" (1994). The song sounds quite close to 'Denpasar Moon'. For more details, see the booklet of "Denpasar Moon" (re-issued edition).

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