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Since I upload this website,many people who love classic cars have sent me mails sometime with amazing pictures!I decided to upload the pictures each time I get them to enjoy with classic car maniacs all over the world!So,if you have pictures to show ,please mail me!

(At first I had a messageboard in this website,but no one posted.I don't know why.One day,I erased it by mistake.I think this page will help exchange between enthusiasts all over the world instead of messageboard)

1st annual NW mini-micro car meet 1st,Oct,05                         Mark


Today was a great sucess despite slightly unfavorable weather conditions at the beginning. We had a total turnout of "seven" very uniquely different micro cars. We had lots of good micro-car karma.....lots of gawkers..... and new friendships started. No major breakdowns occured on the senic beautiful drive through Portland's west hills to lunch (despite losing one attendee completely and all the two strokes smoking out the entire NW sector of the city driving up steep W. Burnside Ave). Does anyone know whatever happened to the Honda 600 coupe?

 Thank you. Lets stay in touch and try to double the car count next year!.

 Keep the blue smoke puffin' out the pipes!


Car Show Report from Seattle

 Paul(who importedMazda Chantez)

I showed the Chantez in the Greenwood car show today.(25th,Jun)
 It is in Seattle, Greenwood is the neighborhood.The city closes 20 blocks (2 miles) for cars. I spent all day yesterday detailing. I spent all day today talking to people about the car. It went really well, people are very curious. I also got 6 votes for best of show. Not enough to win but
with hundreds of cars I think it is pretty good. The Chantez did great driving to the show and back home. The Subaru Sambar truck was there also. 11 Japanese cars, 2 Mazdas, only 1 360cc car.Here are some pictures of the Chantez and the show. The show is huge. You can't capture all of it with one picture and it would take a lot of time to get a picture of every car. The cars start to line up for entry at 5:30 in the morning. 3 lines and photographers take a picture of each car as they enter. The cars entering takes 3 hours. We had fun with one man when his car stopped running. He had to get out of the car and put a block under the wheel, set the throttle and the clutch, then turn the crank on the front of the car get in and have us give him the block. His car stopped running 3 times without moving 3 feet.
A lot of people ask about importing a car from Japan. Maybe some will contact me. People ask a lot about the Chantez and a lot of people walked to the back just to read the Mazda emblem. Many people thought it was a Honda 600. The "rat ride" group (old lowered cars painted flat black) loved it. Even the electric car club came by to look. The people in the Unimogs even offered to put my car in back and give me a ride home.
I will do this show again next year.

See Massimo's mazing Honda collections!


If someone has an engine for Vamos orTN,

Please mail him or me.


An engine for Vamos orTN(Massimo,Italy)

A friend of mine has Vamos & I am looking for an engine for Vamos or TN.I  tried to find an engine of a TN360 in Europe but the only nation in which they were imported was United Kingdom
and today is impossible to find one.

The engine of the Vamos is the same Honda used for TN 360. The car was imported to Italy by the 1970 importer of Honda cars: Mr. Biagini. He wanted to make cars like Vamos in Italy. The car is in generally good conditions but with missing parts particularly in the engine. Now we want to restore the car as we are Honda enthusists.
I own a Z600, a friend of mine (who was the Honda importer of South Africa and now lives in Bergamo) has a S800 and another one has a big collection: from N to N (from N600 to NSX). We have N° 1 N600 automatic, N° 1 N 360, N° 2 Z600, N° 1 S600, N° 1 S800 spider, N° 1 S800 coupè, N° 1 Life 360 water cooled with air conditioner left hand drive, N° 1 Civic Mugen, N° 1 Prelude (first generation), N° 1 NSX: all the vehicols are perfectly restored and running.
Now we want to restore the Vamos and than an Accord CVCC 1st generation.
I know that Vamos were not exported from Japan but one arrived in Italy and another is
in Zambia (Africa). All were with left hand drive.

My Cars and Bikes 1965 NSU Wankel Spider


NSU was a small German company that got its start making bicycles in the late 1800s, then progressed to motorcycles. Their motorcycle legacy is significant. They ventured into cars, small cars.

Felix Wankel was commissioned by the Germans to make a quiet torpedo. He invented the rotary combustion engine.

The 1960s was a time of rapid technological development in the automotive world. NSU designed a 2 seat sport car. They went outside their borders and had Bertone design the body.  It had all the elements of German engineering and it was the first car to have a Wankel designed rotary engine.

The engine was in the rear, a rotary and it was a 500c, single rotor design making an astonishing 50 hp. 2500 copies were made. Now, there are less than 6 running examples left in the USA. The Germans have tremendous club activity and they try to bring as many of these little cars back as possible.

As a young car enthusiast, grade school age,  a Wankel Spider like mine sat in front of my house for two years. It never ran. I fell in love with it. I promised myself that I would have one someday…It was like finding a needle in a hay stack to find mine. It was a one owner car with low miles. It hasthe original top and interior. It runs excellently.

I am very thankful for Mel who sold his baby to me and for my baby.

(Rex got Nissan Silvia from Japan recently)

N360 in Bangkok!(Thailand)

I was amazed to hear that Joe has N360 in Bangkok..I 've never heared that N360 was exported to Thailand.It is very rare first type,&it seems to be converted some parts,such as front disk brakes.

Joe is looking for turn indicator lights on both sides,original steering wheel&back mirror.

Paul's new collection & their friends.(USA)

The picture on left is Paul's new collection,"Sachsenring P70 coupe."


"This meeting is the local area Mini group, Seattle Area Mini Owners Association (SAMOA). I did't get to drive my 59 Mini because of a brake leak. The club has 80 members and some really nice cars. "

See Chas's Amazing collections!(USA)

Wow!See these a lot of microcars!(some lots of?)They are all Chas's collections.I see some Japanese cars I familiar to,but many cars I have never seen before.

You can see Chas's website here.

Mark's Monster Machine!!(USA)


"I built it mostly for drag racing, maybe some road racing.

It has 300 HP, I have not raced it yet. It has to pass racing inspection first.

It has Mazda Rx7 vacuum power assisted master cylinder, clutch master, and aluminum pedals. The rear vented disc brakes are Mitsubishi Eclispe, the front brakes are stock rebuilt Subaru 360 with stainless steel brake lines. Brake proportioning front to rear is cockpit adjustable with a bias valve. It stops quite well. But I am going to convert to front disc brakes for more safety and larger tires. Wheels have to be 12" to pass tech inspection for racing. I made new lower shock brackets and use Spax 28 way adjustable front gas shocks. The Subaru 360 shocks were too soft."


See other Mark's little monsters!

"Does size really matter?"