CARS I exported from Japan.

Paul got third car from Japan!It is Honda Step Van!

I think it is the first Stepvan imported in USA. Paul found that It is really fun to drive and has a lot of room. It may look big, but it is only 3m long.You will find it is very fun& useful  when you see the real thing.

Second Kujira Crown went to CA!

Hilary saw Jason's Crown at car show & surprised because he had been looking for the model for a long time.He asked Jason how he got the car & Jason introduced me.It is a chain of Japanese Classic car maniacs!

He sent me perfect check list & asked me to find his ideal Crown. I didn'nt understand some points of the list, but I finally understood what he meant when I saw the real thing & surprised how he knew about the Crown to the detail,such as small optional parts!

He finally found a beautiful Crown! He enjoyed his trip from port to his home with no problem.He seems enjoying his Crown & sometimes talking with Jason about each Crown.


Two types of Celica went to UK!

Max got two types of Toyota Celica.They look very aggressive! It was my first experience to export to UK.

He seems still searching Japanese sports cars.




Three Keis in Museum Condition goes to Museum!

Bruce who is a owner of a famous microcar museum asked me to find many rare Japanese Kei-cars (under 360cc).It is my great pleasure to help his worthwhile work.

He got this time is Subaru360 Custom 1967(much more beautiful than mine!),Subaru Sambar Truck (unusual engine layout)1967 & Mazda K360 1968! American people will see these pretty cars at his Museum soon later!

Website of Bruce's Museum is here.

Toyota Crown 2600AT(Kujira),1974

This type of Crown was not popular in those days because of its too avant-garde design.But,now  we see this car ,it seems most attractive type in successive generations of Crown.It is called "Kujira"("Whale" in Japanese)because of its shape.2600cc AT is rare type of Kujira.It has been owned by a member of Kujira club in Toyota-city in original beautiful condition.Lucky guy who got this Kujira is Jason in Seattle!

(Funny story from Jason)

The people at the port want to know if it was a "Yakuza" car. I laughed. I guess they watch too much TV!
The car it self is just amazing. I just registered it
yesterday and took it for a drive. It drives SO nice and is the perfect size for american roads. It gets a lot of look.
A young kid in a Porsche rolled his window down at a stop light and just thought the crown was the coolest car he had seen!

Toyota ToyoAce Double Cab,1200cc,196?

Paul fortunately got rare Japanese car again!

Actually,I have never seen this type of ToyoAce,but he could get it at reasonable price!Because・・・

This ToyoAce has been used as a firetruck of a fire brigate in a private area.So,it has never been resistered in Japan&it has no resistration documents.It means we never can drive this car on-road in Japan.

But,fortunately,we found we can resistor &drive it in USA.So,he could get it !

If you will look for a rare car in Japan,it may be good way to find a car without resistration documents.

Engine for Vamos,360cc,197?

As you can see in the page "Classic car maniacs all over the world",Massimo&Luca have been looking for an engine for Vamos.

Finally,I found a rusty TN360 its engine is same type of Vamos.We picked the engine& other parts from the truck& shipped to Italy.It was hard work.I hope to see Their Vamos running!!

Nissan SIlvia(first type),1600cc,1966


This model was one of only 500cars produced.

All hand made body is seamless &beautiful!

It is almost perfect comdition.It is shipped to Miami on 25th,Mar,05.

 Here is a message from Rex who bought this car.Thank you ,Rex!

 "Tomohiko has helped make a dream come true. I have been looking for a mid 1960s Nissan Silvia for years. It is very difficult for Americans to make deals like this due to language, time and cultural barriers. Tomohiko bridged all of these. These are very rare cars and were only in Japan. About 30 went to Australia. Only 2 exist in the USA. Within weeks, Tomohiko found 2-3 cars for sale in Japan. I couldn't believe it! The one I bought is in mint condition. Tomohiko set up all the details for shipping etc. His integrity and follow-through are excellent.  I highly recommend Tomohiko for anyone looking to bring a car out of Japan."


Subaru R2 latest type 1972


This model was succession to famous model,"Subaru360".I think it is as attractive as Subaru360.

The former owner was a curator of a car museum.It was in beautiful condition.I drove it to the port to ship it.It was very fun.

Went to California,perhaps it look good on the road lined with palm trees.

May be the first one coming to America.

Here are the pictures "R2 in America"shot by


Mazda Chantez 1976

2stroke,2cylinders,360cc,water cooled


This model was to installed rotaly engine but did not succeeded because of exhaust emission control.The exterior & interior looks sporty.


It was sleeping in the garage long after former owner died.So,it was in good condition for its age.


Went to Seattle,may be able to run faster than Ichiro.


Here is a picture "Chantez in America"shot by Paul