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UPDATE April 2006

Main System in 2006

Main system in April 2006 (TEAC A6300MkII, left, and TEAC A6100MkII, right: Renewed amplifier SANSUI AU-607 and FM tuner Marantz ST7001 in the left lower rectangular cradle: Renewed CD player CEC CD3300BK in the right lower rectanguler cradle) (crick here to enlarge)

TEAC/TASCAM 40-4 (Serial#7045), after malfunction, was diagnosed at TEAC service and decommisioned in March 2004 for projected high repair cost. Newly procured A6100 MkII is in remarkably good condition, and her almost unused 4-track playing head is invaluable to burn CD-R Audio backups with TASCAM CD-RW700 from my old 4-track, 2-channel tapes.

Main System in 2004

Main system in 2004 (TEAC A6300MkII, left, and TEAC/TASCAM 40-4, right) on a new audio rack (crick here to enlarge)

Main system (TEAC A6300MkII, left, and TEAC/TASCAM 40-4, right)

On the bench for the main system (from left to right: Akai GX-600D, GX-630D, TEAC A2340R)

Main System in 2000

Main System in July 2000 (crick here to enlarge)

A very rare TEAC model A-2340R (left side with black-faced), 4 track 4 channel SIMUL-TRAK, which was in fact not marketed in Japan (export only model, I suspect), was lately procured from a lady, original owner, in Georgia, USA, at e-bay auction (Item #374890647) and delivered door-to-door by USPS Express Mail within a week. May I call this e-commerce? I do not use 4 channel mode and usually record and play back 2 channel stereo. The sound is warm and somewhat deep that I think is peculiar to analog audio that is devoid of A/D and D/A converting process. Now I have a backup deck in case the trouble happens to my sturdy A-2300 (right side with gray-faced). BTW, I prefer live recorded source to studio recorded one. You must be surprised with the sound played back from the back-coated professional level master tapes with which DAT-recorded classic music source aired by FM is captured by specially installed FM-antenna and recorded with use of dbx noise reduction circuit. These configuration is indeed old-fashioned and conservative but is composed of established and reliable technology. For purely hobby use, it's wonderful.

My original audio setting at my current residence

TEAC A-2300 Reel-to-Reel Deck

Digital audio? You jest. ;)

TANNOY Stirling/HE speaker and Tuner/CD player/Amplifier

Front grill is being temporarily detached.

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DISCLAIMER: I neither have finantial relationship with, nor am a shareholder of the cited companies.

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