METABO measures (measures METABORIKKU) and entertainment and the prevention of global warming (CO2 emissions)

                                                             ↑ click "Copy Album Catch"

                     Design of human-driven machinery rental market  



                      Atrial mechanic Creation Piccolo S.P.A.

                 (Public Safety Commission bicycle dealer permit Toyama No. 501230007973)


                                                       --- Services ---  

  Rent design, development, manufacture and sale of generators and peripheral equipment and manpower for the event

      * In addition to direct sales company materials science, materials science company, can be sold through a trading company and the like.

      * Operation of the event do not do it. (Dispatch of technical support staff and coordination degradation assembly)

  Bio-diesel generators (generator fuel plants) rental play, play photovoltaics (solar panels) Rental

   ・Industrial equipment, machine tools, play equipment design (CAD) renovation (measurement accuracy Drawing ⇒ ⇒ ⇒ assembling parts arrangements)

                                             --- Rental & Sales ---  

Event Planning Company (environmental events, global warming prevention events, sporting events, scientific events, field events velodrome racing racetrack,

Concert bike power, housing exhibition event, the event pachinko, airport events), power company (exhibitions, events), NGO, cafes

Center for International Cooperation on Climate Change, public facilities (city hall, office), banking, science facilities, pharmaceutical companies, education, TV program production company,

Wedding halls (parties, after-party entertainment), nursing care facilities (day-care, DEIKEASABISU), photovoltaic (solar panel) makers events etc

* Details of the event planning and equipment sales, please contact the above genres.

                                          --- Address ---

                                    Nomura, Takaoka, Toyama 933-0014 Address 535-2 "map" ← click

                         TEL; 0766-22-6028 FAX; 050-3588-0021 Email; click

(News) Updated April 09, 2010

Power input - Plug-in charger & manual Ofurodotaipu EV (riding toys) "Ecolo Jeep" (Jeep Eco b) the rental start.

Railway Exchange Center - Kawamati Arita like "Western Power Train Videos Eco" Click to view guests (And reflected from the point after playing 05 minutes and 40 seconds.)

"Eco-Power" (power mini bike SL, mini train ) to "Western Train" Add a new type. ("Electric" eco stock is also used items for sale)

2010 - From "KD bike generator for permanent exhibition," look and features have changed (with a small power meter display, and facilitate change around the saddle height, quiet operation, UP)

↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ The photovoltaic power generation and all human!↓↓↓ ECO ECO input power can be used in an amusement park play equipment (Amusement) ↓ ↓ ↓ Series

* Dad, electricity generated by solar power and pedal-pushing mother, coin-operated amusement park playground equipment (mini-SL, carousel, UFO Catcher etc.) that works!

Attractions for eco-events, items and carried on for eco-event?

* Spring Break, Golden Week, summer, winter (Christmas) "The human power traveling carnival," because there are many planning and booking early.

(Corporate events, teaching company, utility companies, consumer electronics manufacturers, car manufacturers, battery makers, science facilities, nursing homes, school officials, warming centers, housing manufacturers, velodrome,

We sell to rental customers in various genres such as television production company. We will select the equipment according to plan and budget..)

(Note), the internal control toys, speed reducer, motor, we have our workshop in exchange for eco-power. Also work to connect the input to the generator of the modified non-coin operated toys.

The type of force the tire bicycle generator generator, generator units when run on a large roller for tire wear, the way we recommend exercise bike pedal power generator.

? When input power is the top selling toys eco customers to select from the inventory list of toys has partnered companies will be converted at this workshop. (Can be regular maintenance.)

* Power train bike, bike power and is ideal for SL events, such as iron steel mom son!

  +   or or

Eco-toys for each input power, bicycle generator (dynamo or Eco) * cooking oil to set rental (oil, vegetable oil) and bio-fuel generators, solar panels (PV) hybrid power and acceptable.

* If you work in bad weather because the solar panels and wind power only recommended for use with input power. ("Eco-park cloudy When I power the Parents" and Planning)

Zero CO2 emissions! Train Bicycle generator-powered eco-friendly environment in the world (mini-SL, mini train) is!

Come on Dad and Mother plants!     Human power train toys   "Power" Eco Event Rentals

* Unpopular car (second hand) for sale cheap. (With a bicycle dynamo. Can be delivered nationwide. Please contact us on the train and car.)

Human suffering in the face generation ↑ (video) camera in front of the locomotive radio! "Face Steamroller two-seater child YOUMAS" (Umass engine) power mini bullet bike rental starting from March 2010 ↑

Rust colored paint & Western feeling in wooden carriages? Up to 6 cars can Nanori! "Western Train" (5m length of the rental items up to four passengers), bubble maker and grinder power infrared shooting game options ↑

The first large vehicles ↑ "Western Train" comes out a minute bicycle generator and prizes "Gacharinko" ultra-large for the bride and "Good luck Dad! Time Attack Power" Eco and

Some fun options. (To prevent a train crash, use the slower types of bicycle generator.)

"Hokuriku Shinkansen input power," Planning Anyone? (Mini-Shinkansen stock several types of bicycle power to shape a different type.) Lee Rumineshonibento for(and put a black light shining "eco-electricity")

Train the next generation version of the input power-saving ↑ "Shinkansen N700 series comic" (Adults can ride) ↑ "pedal way" + "Power" Eco + "bubble-making machine."

Fun cars ↑ (left) and Thomas the Tank Engine type (right) Animarutorein ↑ (No. Do Nattsu fa) Special Vehicle Power Eco ↑ ("table with", "train your living room," etc.) green bullet ↑

Body paint cardboard ↑! "Scribble Eco Power" Eco-system electric bell ringer & stock for sale with SL and Komikarutorein Misutokura ↑ (sold power equipment and accessories such as bike-rail)

   Click on the image

   Playground equipment with high power speed reducer for sale separately ↑ DC motor. (Including tax \ 55,000) ↑ vs Japan, France "confrontation Shinkansen" (four-seater available in consolidation) options such as sale signs making rail station ↑ ↑

  * Can be converted to run on coin-operated toys bicycle generator to receive payments from customers. (Can be modified locally. For more information please contact us.)


Input power and various play equipment for park personnel carousel generator

"Three children riding carousel."   "Two children riding carousel" (Koarameri, Kirinmeri, Wanwanmeri) put a black light and glow type ↑

* 3-seater, electric appliances can be connected to an outlet center rotating funny either two passengers (only for power generation equipment with small input power)

* Move both up and down while rotating the horse.


Carousel of Yomiuri challenging comedian in 30! "Human Power Electric Vehicle (EV)" "Fog generator input power" eco-park of the BGM you doing?

(48 capacity, power consumption of about 3000W) (Maikuromisuto generator, Misutokura)   "Street organ expression pedal."

The four challenges! "Power Catcher preparation U4" "UFO Catcher preparation for plant operation," "Power Play Fitness Diet dip prizes."

No rail ↓!   Way fun with play equipment rowing event   "Dango power train manpower (human power load train) and Carousel."

* Mini-generation electric vehicle manual way "row" by simply changing the mounting position to coach, you can enjoy both the train and carousel.


Train Dango     In exchange for hardware transformation! "Carousel pedal way" machine "fortune human power" (diet machine fortune)

How about the eco fair eco stand? "Human power generation target practice game" (with a large cork gun.) "Human power balloon (balloon) inflated aircraft" is a staple of human power competition! Nervous excitement!

 * 10 to 30 watts of input power Eakonpuressa-fired power ball and run 20 seconds.The music in collaboration with Atobarunpafoma UP!       "Human power balloon race split set"

Race in pairs! "Daiettodabi" Crank generator barrel stool moves people on board, "working barrel"   Force game! Power arrangement "Grand" tatami "checkered flag" signals "start" mini-

"Power Bicycle bubble machine" (machine bubble "bubble generation skipping barrel grinder" counter "bubble"   Giant Toy Story "Buzz Light year" "Children's playground swing riding," "ticket (ticket) ticket machine."

* Environmentally friendly eco-input power (power crank, pedal power), environmental events can be opening a large number of bubbles, eco weddings, eco party is very popular!


F1 input power rechargeable type (storage type) Batterikaresu "Eco-1 Grand Prix" (Eco One Grand Prix) Car battery charger input run Japanese style tatami mat and sat straight on the "electric car saloons" (EV race saloons)

The input power charger plug ↑ & Human Ofurodotaipu EV (riding toys) "Ecolo Jeep" (Jeep Ecology)

Rechargeable power input (storage type), car batteries, "Satsu Car" delicious EV "No. 27, strawberry short" bubble machine with EV "cheeseburger" bubble toy machines get? "Shovel-type human purine charging."

  * All power input (power bike, power bike, paddling way) or photovoltaic (solar panel) charge in the EV Eco-stand installed. (Power is not needed at all.)

"Eco-park for playground equipment rental power input, making money selling" ← click

(Input power eco toys, amusement park personnel, park ECO Eco, Eco Theme Park)


  (↓ I walked more quickly, why the most popular events! ↓)

Bike power (rowing human leg power, power fitness) combined with electric cars!   Move around left and right, in its 360 ° rotation遊BEMASU operation and switch!

         Compact & fun!  Generator run-bike   "Paddle-Way" (Way row) Sales Event Rentals


Degradation during automotive ↑ ↑ ↑ 100 watt light with a thing about a wedding reception?                        Two-way face-to-face row seat, "Longevity" (congratulations)

position is adjustable (for children is fixed) ↑ "standard" (for more than elementary school) ↑ "type high speed" ↑ "for children" (children to older elementary school children) ↑ "high output"

The electric power leg pull, move the drive motor attached to the underside of the tire.

Switches running the "OFF" to the power equation bike (bicycle generator) can be used.  * It is also possible to recharge the battery option.

We do not use any batteries, stop and turn off the pedal.  * The slow speed, there is no fear of falling so low center of gravity.

Body color of several products to offer both rental and type, and specify what color will be shipped from the end of maintenance.

  "Video 1 (standard type)" ← click "Video 2 (Standard)" ← click   "Video (High Speed Type)" ← click   "Videos (special products, face-to-face two-seater)" ← click              

Way to steer a row, to the power of the human experience fun!

Way for row "Human power station" Event Rental


↑ click image "and the docking station and run the fan" video

Generator-running bike "paddle-way" and move on, and power generation equipment at the Human, "Human power stations" to unite in a fun human-powered generator

   System experience. (The base station for the AC100V and DC power outlet has a socket for a cigar.)

The run-way pull switch "OFF" position (intermediate position) and set to move to each station's equipment and manpower to generate electricity by pedal-pushing power.

    Total power (power consumption of human power equipment) will be displayed on the LCD panel of the station front.

       (Games can be used direct-current power electronics and human power in the most human of this site.)


↑ fan interest "against the wind-jet F16"   ↑ launch volleyball!       ↑ with small ball launcher power robotic Human (click video image)

  (Click video image), "Human power cannon" (click video image), "catcher Wei row"  

                                 Rent a paddle-way prices, producer prices here ← click

Human power equation in the fitness clubs and rowing club foot, for emergency goods, including many who use direct current for electric Eco Home!

    Sports events, facilities and materials for human-powered generator and science in science classes (bicycle generator materials) as well!


                                 "Bike generator," the production of rental



    Standard (folding, no-rent in the center handle panel) "indicator mounted handle small amount of power" (Price 15,000 yen, 3,000 rental fee)

Prices; 198,000 yen (including tax, shipping additional 1,500 yen, and instant delivery)

Price of rental; 25,000 yen / 5 days (including tax, shipping additional Outbound 1,500 yen, yuan payment for shipping the way, many rental stock)

Enjoy a simple difference into the cigar socket in the game of human-made appliances and power our studio!

There is no use in durable and permanent scientific facilities. (Handle, saddle, pedal, consumable parts such as belts are always in stock.)

"Standard" version of the generator rated voltage is DC24V, the rated output is 240W. (The weight is determined by the pedal power of the connected equipment.)

You can also use the machine as a power source for industrial tourism. Food processing machine and runs on electricity generated by their customers.

     (Some machines run on a simple modification work and gear motors.)

    Drawing on the design of industrial machinery equipment柿田(CAD) is also possible. For further information, please contact us.

For the following reason, it is often delivered more power from a generator expression bike bike.

    Folding, portable, compact state in a box and transported to the decomposition formula. (Ideal for science classrooms and Classes)

    ・Tires are not exposed to high-speed rotation of the chain and not have to worry about kids pinching a finger.

    ・ Compared to a bike generator, maintenance-free because there is no wear parts and tires.

        (Not idle even greater impact. The shower does not have the smell of burnt rubber.削RETA shower does not tire around the waste.)

    ・ Pedal in the lower center of gravity, wide width of the legs, not down.

    ・ ← type the only pedals are fixed to the floor and we need a small amount of power is not sold since 2007.

                          (To prevent the weight on the pedals, the amount of generator power bike is 1 / 5.)


two people, holding the handle while the same power!          The events in "I get the" best for small children and wail!

      Face-to-face two-seater bike generator expression              "Imagine" (Imagine) for children   "BOKUMO" (even me!)


(結婚披露宴にて) (At the wedding reception)

 *Price of rental; 45,000 yen / 5 days (including tax, shipping additional 6,000 Outbound) * Price of rental; 20,000 yen / 5 days (including tax, shipping additional 1,500 Outbound)

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------

 ↓ bike in performance and delivery of the power equation.    (Or modification of the articles supplied.)   

"-Frame X" type "drop handle" and "high-output" "TV with game controllers" or depraved Aero "CANVAS" bike grow plants, "Plant-house power generation plant."


                    Bike rental prices and generators, the price here ← click


           Human power (power cycle), "FAQ" ← click


     Wheelchair for you to enjoy! "Large Hand generator, "the production of rental  

*Output is produced according to the application. (200w can be manufactured for military communications classes) * internal gear has a durable all-metal can be used for scientific events and permanent facilities.

Trunk type (visceral inverter) high-output barrel(popular!) And Oka -


Details of the series prepared here ← click        


  Walking and running power! "Human-runner, generator room," the production of rental


      More information here ← click

↑ goods sales generator only folding treadmill ↑ TV movie debut (1) ↑ TV movie debut (2)

   here are a variety of interesting human dynamo! Grandpa at the event, popular with her.

  "Human-powered generator expression boating" (generator ROINGUMASHIN)     "Human-powered generator foot sewing machine rowing," "human-powered generators Cart"

                                  "Big fan"   "Race row"         Run! "Way paddle boat"   

             Click to Video    Click video Click video

   Details of the boating here ← click        Type sewing machine is more here ← click     "ECO Cart" is more here ← click

    Easy connection to various human dynamo!

Human power

    Instrument display power   Lamp Award costume   Inverters   & Instrument rentals for various events

LED indicator, and computer-indicator lamps masquerade Award (Large)


    LED digital display analog ammeter small computer-type display device for display and competition for power inverter generator set voltmeter Human "watch supersize"


      」 Large range of small pee oversized 10cm ≒ 10 watts "powerful instrument flying fruit (large & small)" ↑ Click Images Videos

"Award light disguise" --- Series     "Piss boy for the big game."

                                               Videos (1)  Videos (2) ← click

ECO can be used to play competitive time! ↑ gun speed (unit; km / h) ↑ luminometer (measurement lux) ↑ ↑ noncontact thermometer anemometer ↑ seismic (seismic instruments)

  Width 1.2m, battery-driven, start-timer (with beeper)

"Ultra-large digital stopwatch" (sports timer)

Display the equivalent electricity prices, CO2 reduction (reduction of carbon dioxide), sponsor name display (PC-only) is also possible.

  Booth-like power companies, environmental events, we use in sporting events.

PC-using large displays and projectors can be displayed on the big screen. (Game software can also generate electricity)

              Rent prices, sale prices here ← click

Easy connection to the human dynamo!   Human power game toys

   * Most products are not required inverter!   Just minutes from work漕IDA fun! And easy connection with automotive cigar socket!

 Inverter can be connected without the wind generator and solar power!   (Moving speed of attached devices is proportional to the pedal rotation.)

  ↓ stuffed with a variety of "human power EKORINPIKKU" Planning is you?


"The race stuffed wild boar," "Turtle Race" "KAPIBARARESU" "Mickey-legged race" "race BURASAGARI monkey"

Turtle Race "to run slowly stop global warming! EKODORAIBUKYANPEN" popular

real movement of the neck!   "Kirin race bobble head" (click video image) ↑ runs to move the tail and nose! "Cow Race Squad" (click video image)

↑ EKORINPIKKU for "chocolate medals" and "diet generator Derby (horse racing game)" Pachinko Games rowing DANSHINGUROBO foot horse racing horse racing Lobo Animal rotation

   (Gold, silver, copper) can also add extra


Human power generation in the propeller回SE!

"Human power planes race big punch! Slot-car world's largest human-powered generator? (70cm total length of the F1) ↑ click" Video 1 "↑" Video 2 "

TENISUMASHIN (tennis trainer) height 2m, width 3m,浮KASE shot Peach in the walking ability-to-assemble net!                    Pitching machine

(Click video image) * assembly (ultra-compact and degradation) in the family can enjoy "air basket" * in the game shy and merry-go-round attached to the Eco-Power!

  ? 8 mm film projector (you can watch a Charlie Chaplin short films and silent.) ? ?  The power and shutter-watt bike! Lion boy嚇SHI race urine N gauge (model railroad)

Thing about the picture?   Human-power photo booth "client pull"


Play table tennis ball machine rake super shy (ping-pong game) phonograph foot rowing machine ↑ ↑ TORANPUSHAFFURU hand power times power sumo game times out (with軍配)


Machine large inflatable balloon (snowman, palm trees, and Pooh) ↑ for Balloon Blowers (fan) alone can   ↑ Planning and quizzes can be used to push human-powered generator soon! "Push button unit early."

    You can see the video click the image Pooh. (You can use race as a goal for the stuffed animal.)


(About a replacement ink is 1000 times the time OK. Changeable character stamp. Movable simultaneous connections and other equipment) (No Ink punches ceremony, with light)


↑ click image UFO Catcher UFO Catcher robotic merry-go-round & conveyor belts Planetarium "biotite pull foot path expression"

     (Crane game) to a dedicated page (carousel) and fun to use it in pottery class and the working class!

Human power games, rental price of human power toys, the sales price here ← click


Eco-environment in the fun event, "Cooking & Diet," say yes?

Generator for human

  "Lottery equipment rowing leg formula for cooking equipment." (Bicycle Sales & molded confection)

d!  Rotate the pedals, the reactions in the linear!  And easy connection!   And solar panels and wind generator

   Inverter can be connected without!   (Moving speed of attached devices is proportional to the amount of power.) Direct current (DC ⇒ AC (AC) conversion loss can be cut!

Some ice and work the pedals. " Shaved ice machine cycle power plant (industrial) "page here dedicated click some two-seater plane over the syrup and type.    Soft serve ice cream machine


GAMUMASHIN popular! GACHAPON GASHAPON (machine) draw instruments rattle supership (FREE Japan Mini capsule ball) lottery equipment and rattle (from small and large ants to various types)

  GAMUMASHIN, FREE Japan Mini, one of about 30 I have a rattle ball drawing apparatus and power generation and second prizes.

    (I'll also run other appliances because of low power consumption.)


Mochi maker popcorn machine candy machine candy floss in the game lost lot lottery prize cup juice machine ABURI出SHI rotating lottery draw machine-Air

Environmental GACHAMASHIN event is "Flower seed", "Eco-soap", "Eco-towel" green goods and hard work!


Mixers & slicer (also ants do not use power-driven direct human) fondue pot (you can also make chocolate!) CHOKORETOFAUNTEN (CHOKOFONDYU) Equipment

Yakitori machine juice machine for cabbage chopped furikake business machine & coffee maker coffee mill BIASABA

Electric kettle (rice cooker) pan pan mini mill mini-burner full circulation crepe mini toaster oven


machine Matcha (powdered green tea dispenser) is a dedicated page here click millstone SHEIKA ← (cocktail)-quenching beverage cans and mayonnaise making machine machine "machine Automatic wet towel"

Molded confection & bicycle luggage carrier and bicycle display (the devices can be manufactured with stand)  

20 to 30 minutes, only one grain of Takoyaki!   Human Takoyaki machine "壱kite" (one unearned) and only 2-4 in the burnt body of one piece!   "Brown! KIKUN and body"

   Cooking equipment and instrument rental fee of the draw here ← click


         Moved by human power!

     Consumer Electronics

 (human-powered appliances, consumer electronics direct current, direct current electrical appliances)

        Most products are not required inverter!   Just minutes from work漕IDA fun!   And easy connection with automotive cigar socket!

Inverter can be connected without using the solar panels and wind generators!   (Moving speed of attached devices is proportional to the pedal rotation.)

HEADORAIA vacuum cleaner washing machine TV Video Heating ceramic boombox click (Video Tele) sewing machines air conditioner computer

Fan (small; diameter 20cm, medium size; diameter 30cm, Large; diameter 45cm, extra-large; diameter 75cm) leg rowing fan (fan) an extra-large, small fridge freezer (freezer) can empty collection machine (with a fractionation)

Projection clock back chair massage shower and a real fire siren RODEOMASHIN clippers Foot massage apparatus

Light (LED Yes also) humidifier bottle Set PA (amplifiers, microphones) projector set megaphone mega power hand crank generator tiger ↑ Click Images Videos

                        Consumer Electronics (Human appliances) of the rental fee here ← click


      Power-operated bike! Human power is the tool you?   (Ali and direct drive)


           Processing equipment & power tools (BEROMASHIN) Rental


Drilling (drill), grinder, soldering (solder), BANDOSO, cutter, press, Blowers, panel jig saw, chainsaw, winch, expression pedal punch, air compressors,

Conveyor belts, jacks, jigsaw, electric screwdriver, lathes, milling machines, routers (RYUTA), the rotary drive unit (rotation power unit),

Styrofoam cutter big size (large Styrofoam cutting machine), water pump (max120L/min), vacuum pump (rotary vacuum pump oil), SANDOBURASUTA,

Round saw (NOKO round), SHIROKKOFAN large (large blower, industrial blower), HANDOBUROA, heater (heating) and

  Walking ability is 3-5 times the force!   Rather than cutting by hand at least to consider the efficiency of the electric double chin music!   (Can also be used in developing countries with no electricity!)

  Electric water purifiers and water purification equipment for commercial disaster, it is possible to make the bike generator to pump water purification.

    For further information, please contact us.


     Human power generation facilities (machine tools) and the rental cost of power tools here ← click


   Store and event booth displays, a pedal-operated paddle!

                 "Human power pedal driven display" Production Rentals


          "The bus ticket (ticket machines)," "display tire rotation" "auto headlights," "Lobo Bell shake hands" and "shake maracas Lobo," "Lobo JANBE him."

                                        Automotive is here related instruments ← click here ← click



     Bicycle not required and can also manufacture bicycles abandoned bicycles and recycle!


      Machine interesting human power  


Athletic frame MAMACHARIFUREMU ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ 2 seat under the table thing about the office?   ↑ Ultra-small type in the trunk ↑ ↑ ↑ generator roller units

ype folding, hands-free type, tandem type (compact two-seater,着座-about-face, bench-type seat) ants and other

Use the type of bicycle frame may slip a finger-risk children in the event.

   (The event will recommend children stay in the bike-cover part of the rotation.)

           Details of the bike frame diverted here ← details of one roller-generator click here ← click

      Eco Rent a play set in the "eco-parks in Forest Eco-lighting" or Yes?

          "Human power lighting & signage works (signs glow)" Production of Rent

Event RUMINESHON Lee MISUTOMEKA ↑ ↑ LED Christmas tree with ↑ ↑ LED business for a small smoke generator ↑ 3D (three dimensional) for inflammation Mickey Wright IRUMI ↑

             "Your participation illuminations" or Yes?   For more information click here click.


"Human-powered generator for battery (battery) to charge equipment and equipment used solar panels charging" rental sales

Battery charger (no inverter) rapid battery charger (requires no inverter connection easy!) Electric double layer capacitors (large capacitor, EDLC) visceral ↑ DC-DC converter

Direct charging car battery   * It's fun to compete with the distance traveled in a mini four wheel drive!     Cigar socket (power generation efficiency in a generator differential lock bike UP)

To decrease irregularities in the variation of the power of rowing and cycling-specific power capacitors use, to run with remote control and large power appliance startup.


----------------- Solar panel (solar cell) and hybrid rental charge set ----------------

        (In the event photovoltaic "solar panels generate electricity vs Human" some results.)

     Human power generation equipment in our workshop we also shipped with a cigar socket bike generator and solar panel

"Eco power play" ← click "blender or juicer commercial shaved ice machine" ← can be easily connected and click. (No inverter)

Max120w ↑ ↑ amount of power solar panels solar panel output when max20w ↑ cloudy, walking ability of shaved ice with you!

Charging & equipment rental fee for the solar panels here ← click



             -------- Using the human dynamo "series of experimental science" (science and materials chemistry) --------

  (The first) hydrogen generator (electrolysis of water lab equipment) (second) test equipment steam engine (third bullet) air engine testing apparatus

Paper "of sea water electrolysis and hydrogen storage system in the human power" ← click (4th bullet) test equipment experience wind

(5th series) wind generator test equipment (6th series) experiments popcorn (popcorn Science) (seventh series) experiments of candy floss (cotton candy experiment)

(No. 8 shot) experimental solar panel (solar car race) (9 series) laboratory equipment lightning (lightning generator) (10 bullets) bottle rocket (water rocket) launcher

(11 bullets) laboratory equipment decompression (decompression experimental aircraft, experimental aircraft vacuum, the principle of heat pump lower temperature visible in the container)

(12th series) ABURI出SHI laboratory equipment (laboratory equipment invisible ink) (13 bullets) Bernoulli's Theorem Experiment equipment (blower Large) (14 bullets) experiments in the Black Light

(15 shot) Make a key ring having a hard plastic plate (electric stove) (16 bullets) study of stars (Planetarium)

bullets) laboratory equipment Peltier element ( "to make the ice," "Let the sherbet" and "Galileo thermometer experiment")

(18th series) Air conditioning (coolers) and to study the mechanism of a refrigerator!      (19th series) Akira Karu experimental measurement of human power light (the light meter to measure LUX)

(20th series) Human power plasma experiments (plasma light, plasma ball, Aurora)

     "Human power science laboratory equipment (materials)" sale price, rental rates here ← click


Transmit the electrical energy in the rotating wheel pedal!   Switches "moving forward" "backward" and "power output" (with inverter) Switchable!

                  No electric bicycle battery "Train to have." Production Design      More information here ← click

  "Rotary drive unit drive shaft" and "unit for high speed boat propeller Human" Production of

                  * Mincing machine (MITOMINSA) and connected with the details here click ←

  (Including materials used in the event)

   kids "know power cycling" page ← click

        You will be using the equipment in the event of the workshop, please use the edit and output.

             (Problem) of the famous players walking ability of the Tour de France will do watts? The answer is here ← click

    Dad, Mom, I know you are following electric middle school level?

         "Science test paper (junior 2-year level)" ← click

   "electricity rates across the country" ← click              

           Electric Power Company has purchased from the 1000w is a time to use 20 to 30 yen's cheap, in terms of batteries? ? ?

   "⇒ food calorie output (electricity rate) conversion table" ← click  

       * When you see a conversion table, you do not like diet.   But it is amazing considering the opposite!

         Because rice 1 cup 175 watts from a power I can! (In terms of electricity is 4.4.)

                (Problem) with a grain of Glico走REMASU 300 meters. So, what can one Glico electricity in one grain?

   "CO2 reduction (CO2 reduction coefficient, reducing the amount of carbon dioxide, carbon offset)" ← click

     Note; one of the combustion of plastic shopping bags per sheet = CO2 emissions of about 100g (check Plastic Waste Management Institute)



Tempura oil or vegetable oil (waste oil and salad oil) as fuel to generate electricity, as power and environmental events and concerts!

        "Eco-fuel generator & oil mill" in the rental market

           Bio diesel generator (generator fuel plants), fuel recycling (waste) generators, oil mill, oil mill human power, oil mill, solar panels (photovoltaic oil mill)

                                                                                  搾RE his body fat and vegetable oil with oil mill creative! ↑ "FITTONE oil mill."

Manual oil mill (MAX200cc raw material input type) single rental fee of 25,000 yen / 5 days (including tax, shipping packing shipping additional 1,500 yen)

← compact & lightweight!   Recommend a small amount of oil varieties!

Ultra-small oil mill hand "CHS-01" (raw material input type MAX25cc) rental fee of 12,000 yen / 5 days (including tax, shipping packaging separate shipping 1,000)

   Price 38,000 yen (including tax, shipping packaging separate shipping 1,000)

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  "The origin of the name of the workshop"    "Hours"   "And how to pay for shipping," "The market rental rate."   "Rental Price List (Old)"   "Planning and interesting."

  "Diary of machinery Kakita Katsuhide creative writer."   "Grocery store piccolo" and "creative Stools & Chairs"

Some of the actual fabrication of the prototype used in the development of motor and battery. Fixtures can be mounted to the production of test equipment and other strength tests.

(JIS standard (bicycle) to the mounting fixture manufacturing and test equipment, test and ask for more)

Overseas production drawings can be created and attached drawings for a utility model patent application.   (And related industrial equipment. CAD data available at present.)

Depending on the contents of the presentation event, decorative changes, output adjustment, change wiring etc will be added to the work, may be a change in rental rates.

Contact e-mail within three days (PDF file) can be sent in a quotation.

Designing and stalls, selling and even renting.

This site is not only a product of the post.  Adopt the product and presentation, product was also canceled.

  Delivery is available to retrofit or re-produced, so there is kind and drawings.