Japanese Artist FUKE has his own critical eyes about color, emotion among digital art. FUKE uses the digital technique for his painter's mind.

started-Dec.1, 2004---last updated---Dec 24, 2016
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FUKE interview English version 2015

FUKE インタビュー 日本語版 2015

FUKE interview 2013-2

FUKE interview 2013-1

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FUKE Biography
FUKE Exhibitions 2011-2015
FUKE's color abstraction
Kiss from the flowers
Birthday cake flower
Skin of the snow-b
Doggy heaven project
Illuminated water-b
Cubic Abstraction
AM2-4 Bright colored night-1
AM2-4 Bright colored night-2
Essence of the color
AM3-1 Colored night scene-a
AM3-7 Colored rice field