FUKE is Japanese artist. He makes his own colors with his feelings and his emotions, this is most important point of FUKE's art. FUKE uses the digital technic for his painter's mind.
FUKE made big exhibition in France from Oct 7 2014 to April 2015. Theme Heavenly feeling “Sentiment Céleste”. Galerie de Gajac 19 rue de Penne 47300 Villeneuve sur Lot France 06 74 43 05 17

started-Dec.1, 2004---last updated---May 4, 2015
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FUKE Portfolios 2012 - design by Marie-Louise Chatel
FUKE Biography
photos of FUKE Exhibitions 2011-2015
Pop ed-1-1 Sparkly flowers
Pop ed-1-2 Kiss from the flowers
Pop ed-1-6 Birthday cake flower
Pop ed-2-2 Skin of the snow-b
Night scene
Pop ed-6-4 Illuminated water-b
AM ed-2-1 Soothingness of the Snow
AM ed-2-4 Bright colored night-1
AM ed-2-4 Bright colored night-2
AM ed-2-3 Snow of the candy country
AM ed-2-3 Snow of the candy country
AM ed-3-1 Colored night scene-a
AM ed 3-7 Colored rice field