Tux Paint for Zaurus (version 0.9.14-z2)

2005.03.18 T,ONO

What is 'Tux Paint'

Tux Paint is a free drawing program designed for young children
(kids ages 3 and up). It has a simple, easy-to-use interface,
fun sound effects, and an encouraging cartoon mascot who helps
guide children as they use the program. It provides a blank
canvas and a variety of drawing tools to help your child be

What is 'Tux Paint for Zaurus'

'Tux Paint for Zaurus' is a ported revision to Sharp's PDA
Zaurus SL series.  Only VGA mode is supported.  This program
works fine on my SL-C700 and SL-C760.  It is supposedly capable
of working on the other models with VGA LCD.

This revision is based on version 0.9.14 and the following
modifications have been done for easy-to-use operation with
touch panel of Zaurus.

o Update routines are regularly skipped for smooth drawing on
  low speed PDA.

o Some operations are based on drag instead of button-up mouse motion.

o Mouse cursor does not appear on display.
  But when magic fill tool are used, pseudo mouse cursor appears.

o Character strings were rewriten in ASCII, because gettext of
  Zaurus does not apparently support UTM-8.

o Default language is Japanese, but English is sellected in case
  where no Japanese font exists.

o Bigger fonts are used; 24,36,48,64 point.

o Archives are separated to basic package and extra package.

o libSDL_image.so and libpng.so are bundled in basic package.


  Basic package : tuxpaint_0.9.14-z2.tar.gz 
  ZIP version is also available for unpacking on PC.

  Extra package : tuxpaint_0.9.14-misc.tar.gz
  Extra package is not required for working on Zaurus.
  Documents, fonts, starter images and locate files are included.

  Source patch tuxpaint-0.9.14-z2.diff.gz


More than 3MB free space is required in flash memory (/home).
SD or CF memory might be avilable, but I have never tried.

You also need to install SDL shared libraries.
SDL libs for ONScripter are applicable to Tux Paint for Zaurus.
 Download : onscripter-lib_20031201_arm.ipk

(1) Unpacking
 [ tar.gz version ]
 You can unpack basic package by using Terminal(embeddedkonsole)
 on your Zaurus.
    gzip -d -c tuxpaint_0.9.14-z2.tar.gz | tar xvf -

 Then, you will find tuxpaint_0.9.14-z2.ipk.

 [ ZIP version ]
 You can unpack by using your favorite archive software.

(2) Installation

  Before installing tuxpaint_0.9.14-z2.ipk, you have to install

(3) Fonts

  Basic package has only one font : default_font.ttf.  You can
  install the other fonts included in original tuxpaint archive
  from extra package.
  If you like to use another 1byte TrueType font, you copy it to
  /opt/QtPalmtop/share/tuxpaint/fonts/ .

  If you want Japanese menu, you have to install a Japanese font
  as /opt/QtPalmtop/share/tuxpaint/fonts/locale/ja.ttf .
  And you also need to install Japanese locale files.
  Please read INSTALL_zau_ja.html for setup of Japanese environment.

(4) Stamps

  Basic pack has only small number of stamp images, bacause
  it takes long time to load samps at start-up on Zaurus.
  If you want to install optional stamps, you can download
  at Tux Paint download site and copy to 
  /opt/QtPalmtop/share/tuxpaint/fonts/ . But, I recommend to
  sellect only your favorite ones.

(5) Starter images

  Basic pack doesn't include starter images.
  If only a few starter images exist in proper folder, you
  have to wait several seconds to open image list.
  I recommend not to install starter images, but if you might
  want, you have to copy them to 
  /opt/QtPalmtop/share/tuxpaint/starters/ .


  Configuration tool for Zaurus is not available.
  You have to make a configuration file (~/.tuxpaintrc).
  Please see original documents for details.


o For getting information of Tux Paint, see Tux Paint Home page.

o Information of Tux Paint for Zaurus is available  here .

o The last version of this document is  here .


Tux Paint : Bill Kendrick, New Breed Software
Tux Paint for Zaurus : T,ONO, Japan
Copying license : The GNU General Public License version 2


o It takes 30 to 60 seconds to start up this program.
  You might suspect the program hunging-up, but please wait
  still until displaying Tux image.

o If your PDA is not ready to print out, don't press 'print'
  button. The program will be down. To avold this problem,
  start up tuxpaint with --noprint option, or write the
  following line in ~/.tuxpaintrc

o There is no warranty for this program and the bundled files.

o Please correct this document, if you find improper expressions.

o If you have any question or comment, please mail to ono_tetsu@

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