Tux Paint for Zaurus

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What's new.

March 29 2005 : My art work "A graduation day" was uploaded.
March 22 2005 : Balloon stamp images have been released.
March 21 2005 : My art work "Tux paints on Zaurus" was uploaded.
March 20 2005 : Two art works and a photograph were uploaded.
March 18 2005 : English document is now available.
March 17 2005 : Cherry blossom stamps for Tux Paint have been released.
March 15 2005 : Tux Paint for Zaurus has been released.

Tux Paint ported to sharp PDA "Zaurus" SL series has been released.

Please see the following pages.

  README in English
  README in Japanese
  Installation guide in Japanese

Screen Shot




Art Works

These all images were drawn by using Tux Paint on Zaurus.
You can freely download and use them for any purpose,
but the copyrights are retained by T,ONO, JAPAN.

Click on image for larger one.


Stamps for Tux Paint

Some rubber stamp images for Tux Paint are available here.
These stamp images are free from copyrights.

You can freely download and use them for any purpose.
You can also make modifications or transformations to
these stamp images as you like.
Moreover, you can distribute your drawings made
from these stamp images without constraints.

Please extract at stamp folder.

No.1  Cherry blossom stamp images

Download: cherry blossom stamp images (sakura_stamps.zip)
There are six images.
"sakura[1,2,3].png" are cherry blossom stamps.
"sakura[4,5,6].png" are stamps of a petal of cherry blossom.

example art work 1, example art work 2

No.2  Balloon stamp images

Download: Balloon stamp images (balloon_stamps.zip)


There are two images.
One image is a transparent balloon stamp.
The other is a opaque balloon stamp.

example art work

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