A challenge for the Faster & Silent PC 

- Eliminate all fans for silent PC: (Last up date Dec. 2006)
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"I assembled a personal computer first time 2001 summer, and was surprised at that fan noise. 
I was very pressed with that noise, and could not enjoy PC with comfortable feeling. 
In the beginning, I tried down rotation of the fan speed with big heatsink, and attached acoustic materials in the pc case. 
But, I knew a limit of that technique, and decided to make the Fanless PC."

7‚”‚ˆ Fanless PC

CORE 2 DUO@E6300


6th Fanless PC

for TDP 160W CPU
 but selected
Athlon x2 4400
  Aug. 2005
   1. Concept (2005-08)
  2. M/B, GPU, PSU. HDD(2005-08)
   3. CPU(2005-08)
5th Fanless PC

TDP 81.8W CPU Pen4 3.
  1.Fanless by the Heatlanes (2005-01)
4th Fanless PC

 Pen4 3.62GHz
  1. Under construction(2004-04)

  2. Fanless heatsinks(2004-08)

  3. Fanless PSU and Temp reports(2004-08)

3rd Fanless PC
for my daughter

with TDP 60W-class CPU
80W ready
  1. Concept & Design (2004-02)

  3. Fanless 250w PS((2004-02)

  4. HDD case (2004-02)
2nd Fanless PC

Probably this is the only one
fanless computer in the world
with 81.8W CPU
Pen4 3.06GHz
  1. Concept & Design (2003-01)(2004-02)
  4. Fanless VGA (2003-02)
  5. Fanless 400w PS (2003-01)
  6. DVD•HDD (2003-02)
  7. Base (2003-01)
1st Fanless PC

TDP 60W-class CPU
 Athlon 1700+

  3. Fanless PS/VGA/CASE (2002/02)

  4. Case Design  (2002/02)
Other subjects
Experiment and challenge

  3. DVD+RW (2002/08)

  4. Fanless heatsink & case (2004/02)

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