Earthquake in Notheast JAPAN '



  To Japan


All together into one




This page was started in efforts to help those affected by the "Northeast Pacific Ocean Earthquake". I myself have two friends who have been greatly affected.

If you would like to do something to help, please join us.


ơWhat can I do?ǡ

If you have motivation you can do a lot!


March 11 2011 4:00 pm

An earthquake of record high magnitude 9.0 struck Miyagi Prefecture.


Dead or missing by the earthquake is over 10,000.

Further damage is spreading.



Let's all unite to help and recover!


pray for japan




I hope even a little decrease in this damage

Please use this site to share information.

I hope that we can work together to help even if it is a little.

We all do our best to help!



Shelter in Japan


Earthquake Flash


Earthquake information can be downloaded using the.

iPhone or Android



Emergency Dial



Message  171+1+phone number  leave message

         171+2+phone number  play message



Currently, people do not know the safety is over 20,000.



Dial Steeply


Iwate Prefecture

Miyagi Prefecture

Fukushima Prefecture


From March 11, you can now use the free public telephones in 17 prefectures



1. Open the window an earthquake occurs, electricity, water, securing food!

2. Be careful where it cracked and fragile!

3. With a big bag instead of a toilet.

4. At a time like this, so many rape. Women in the disaster area, please be careful

5. I think many people are suffering from sickness earthquake.

 Close your eyes, please take a deep breath for 10 seconds.

 When the mouth is dry, please be hard to moisturize

6. When using a bicycle to escape from an earthquake than a car!

 Because the car traffic.

7. If you want to escape from the car. Pointing to the key, used in rescue operations later.

8. If you have a hill close, which goal to anyway.

9. Avoid hard to take off clothes and stockings.

10. Take the what could stop the bleeding.






Have support from abroad

USA, Singapore, Korea, China, Switzerland, Germany and others are from the units to come and rescue us!


Messages of support from the world.


Saudi Arabian

from Saudi Arabi we pray to God for safety of all people in Japan. I love you Tokyo



ֶݡ ˾ܿʿ¡

Very scary! We are praying for the peace of the Japanese people!





For supporting us so that people around the world, we are really glad!

Please give us a support message to the people in affected areas.


To Japan





Support. Fund


~~~~~ Japanese ~~~~~


Communist Party

Happiness Realization Party


Red Cross

Fuji TV


Seven Eleven









I was gathering information.

As a result, Red Cross has experience in the past.

Then there is reduce of the income taxes.

Check with your confidence in the fundraising!





Red Cross



Donate with paypal




ơI have just \100 ǡ

What do you think would happen if 100 people had to think so?

With 100 million yen there are a lot you can do!


Now I have been active in Aichi.

Who have lost various things there are many in this earthquake.

Only this time, I think I need the power of the each person!




To prevent secondary disaster




International news media


Niigata video intensity 6


Iwate tsunami video


Primary photo


Miyagi fire video