Share House よっこら諸島 


       yoccola Islands








Taishi Nishinari-ku 

Osaka-si Osaka 



Subway Midosuji line, DoubutsuenMae Station:

Take Exit #9

 (1 minute on foot)
JR loop line、

Yamatoji Line、Nankai Railroad Company
Shinimamiya Station

(5 minutes on foot)
Tennouji  Station (14 minutes on foot)


Supermarket Tamade

(open for 24 hours)

(3 minutes on foot)
All 100 yen shop.

(3 minutes on foot)
Convenience store

(open for 24 hours)

(3 minutes on foot)
public bath.

(2 minutes on foot).
Hot springs of the world, “SPA WORLD” 

(3 minutes on foot)


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 Welcome to the Bar NOCOSAREJIMARemnant Island)

 Eiglish HP

 ShareHouse よっこら諸島

yoccola Islands


Contact us !


It is a lovely old house, with traditional Japanese private rooms.

The name of my house is Yoccola Islands.

This house is in a very convenient location!


From Kansai Airport, you can come directly.

Express train 30 min, Normal train 1 hour


Please get off at JR loop line to Shin-Imamiya Station.

From Shin-Imamiya Station to my house is only 5 minutes walk.


The house is only one minute walk to Subway DOBUTSUENMAE Station.

( MidosujiSakaisuji Line)

From here you can easily get to most  famous places of Osaka,

such as Namba (Do-Tonbori-5min by train), Shinsaibashi, Shin-osaka,Umeda,

Universal Studios Japan,  ,AquariumKaiyukan

Osaka- Castle....etc.

You can go to all places by a train within 15 minutes!


And if you like to have a day trip out of Osaka,

for example Kyoto-50min by train), Nara-40min by train and Kobe-50min by train,

you can also easily get there just hop on the train from Shin-Imamiya Station!


Short-term stay is available.

For example, when you arrive to Japan on the first day & the last night to return to your country.


Our rooms have futons (Japanese mattress) and tatami mats.

It is a Japanese traditional style!

Please dont worry.If you need a bed, I can prepare1room,1bed


Each room comes with a Western style restroom.

There is a common shower room.

I will prepare soap, shampoo, conditioner,hair dryer and bath towels.

Every room has a private kitchen with utensils if you like to cook for yourself.

Breakfast is included in the room charges.

It is bread and corn flakes, and drink is either milk or juices.

There is a cheaper 24 hours supermarket nearby (4 minutes on foot)

You can buy Japanese rare food and cold beer anytime!


There are 2 computers with Internet connection for public using and free Wi-Fi is available.


If you hope for the washing of clothes, you can wash&dry it in the very sunny balcony .


In my house, your room and the entrance use keypad codes.

You can go in and out freely any time.


Please enjoy your stay, we wish you an unforgettable

and relaxing experience in a real Japanese house!

Please come and visit us!


A short-term stay is possible.

     (Single room)

(Twin room)

 Long Stay(From one month)

【Private Single room】 one month, 46,000 yen.

Water charge 1,000 yen.

Common-area charge 3,000 yen

electric charge is the actual expense

【Private Twin room 】 one month52000 yen.

2 person

Water charge 2,000 yen.

Common-area charge 6,000 yen

(electric charge is the actual expense)

Additional per person・・・+10000yen

 ・・・The breakfast is not included


OSAKA-Japanese Style(Dormitory)




OSAKA-Japanese Style(Dormitory)



 【List of equipment and service 】


 Private accommodations 

Wireless LAN, Kitchen, Exclusive Western style restroom

ClosetDigital key, electric oven,Air-conditioner.


Common accommodations

Living room, shower on the first floor. PC(internet available)

Cooking utensils / fridgemicrowavedining table.

There is a balcony and laundry  on the third floor.

You can use all of them for free

Rental bicycle is available.


This is the simplest method to arrive at my house.


Please take the JR line from Kansai Airport.

Please get on a train on the JR loop line.

40 minutes later, you will arrive at  Shinimamiya Station.

It is the next station from Tennoji Station.


After alighting from the train, please head to the 『東口 - east exit

After exiting from the East exit, advance to the right immediately.


You will come to a big crossing called  『太子-Taishi

Go straight across the crossing.


After walking for approximately 4 minutes,

you will see a hospital with a green cross on the right.

The name of the hospital is 『こすがクリニック - KosugaClinic.

Up ahead from the hospital is exit 9 of the subway station 『動物園前-Doubutsuenmae station.

Please cross the street to the left towards the building with Pink lines.

Walk straight into the side lane between

『株式会社 太平-Taihei and The building with the line pink on the wall


About 50m ahead, you will see on the left  Share House-Yoccola Islands-.





1-13-13 Taishi Nishinariku Osaka si Osaka
Share House Yoccola Islands


【House manual】

My English is poor. If you use simple English, that will really helps.

Reservation can be acceptable starting from 3 months before your arrival.

All rooms are non smoking and no pets allowed.


Sorry,We do not host children under 2 years old.

From 3 years old to 5 years old, it is free of charge.

However, 500 yen for basic service, such as breakfast.

From 6 years old to 11 years old, it is half price of the normal adult rate 1000yen.

12 years old and above, will be charged as a normal adult rate 2000yen

... それでいて、しっかり自分の時間ももてるようなおうち。










●個室(ひとり部屋)・・・1ヶ月 46,000円(1ヶ月からOK!)
水道代1000円 共益費3000円(電気代実費)
... ※ビックルーム(4.5畳&6畳) プラス5000円
● 個室ツイン(ふたり部屋)・・・ 1ヶ月 ふたり 52,000円
水道代ひとり1000円 共益費3000円(電気代

☆友達同士、カップル等2名以上 入居OK!

 ご理解ある方のみ お申し込みください。




連絡先 のこ 090-4303-1730