Falluja, April 2004
- a documentary film by Doi Toshikuni -

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In April 2004, Fallujah, an Iraqi city with about 300,000 population and "100 mosques", were sieged and invaded by thousands of US troops. Many reports said six or seven hundred people - Iraqi civilians - were killed in the attack.

10 days after the siege of the US forces had been lifted, Mr Doi, a Japanese journalist, entered the besieged city, visited damaged houses, destroyed buildings, hospital beds, makeshift clinics, and a football ground turned a grave yard. He talked with the fathers, mothers, sons and daughters, doctors and farmers, in the city.

Mr Doi has made a 55-minute documentary film - "Falluja April 2004" - out of his extensive video footages shot in the city in August 2003 (four months after the "Iraq war") and May 2004 (right after the first Falluja siege; one month after it began). With no added music or voice-overs, the film is not intended to be a "piece of work" but a "sheer record of facts".

!UPDATE! (28 June 2005)
US screening took place on 23 June 2005 at New College Theater, San Francisco (detail).
Cable Channel 29 in San Francisco broadcast this film on 25 and 26 June 2005 (detail).

The film is available on DVD or VHS.
Price: 3,500 Japanese yen or 35 US dollars.
Language: Arabic.
Subtitles: Japanese or English. (Please specify when you order.)
Contact: e-mail falluja2004_[at]_hotmail_[dot]_co_[dot]_jp.
Website: http://www.doi-toshikuni.net/ (in Japanese)
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!UPDATE! (28 June 2005)
DVD is now available at Progressive Portal (USA)
... price: $29.94 plus shipping/handling fee ($4.95)

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[A brief bio of Mr Toshikuni, DOI] website: http://www.doi-toshikuni.net/ (in Japanese)
Born 1953
Since 1985, he stayed in total 29 months in the occupied territories and refugee camps of Palestina, and reported the situation. He also featured Korean victims of the nuclear bombs living in Korea, former forced sex workers by Japanese army, street children in Thai and Vietnam, problem of Japanese government's refugee policy, and most recently featuing US invation of Iraq. He published many articles in various magazines, eight books, and has made scores of documentary TV programs.
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