[Koga Grotesque] Koga Hirano Exhibition

Selected artists from home and abroad were asked to play with "Koga Grotesque" font that went on sale on June 2007. At the same time, posters and flyers for Kuro Tent and Suigyu Rakudan, manuscript of his hand-drawn fonts, and sketchbook will be exhibited.

There will also be a talk show from 17:00 on 8/11 (Sat).

The participating artists are: Mehdi Hercberg, Leah Singe, illreme, Umitaro Abe, Item Idem, Fiorato + Miho Kakuta, Micke Thorsby, Peter Kienzle, ISENEEHIHINEE.inc

Date: 8/10~15
Hours: 13:00 to 20:00
Entrance fee: 200 yen
Cooperation: OK FRED

[Let's Talk with Mr.Koga! – What is a Flyer?]

8/11 (sat) 17:00~
Koga Hirano vs Sarudog (Mu-Stars)!
To reserve your seat, please email: th7377@ybb.ne.jp.

Limited to 35 guests only.


Koga Hirano

Graphic Designer/ Book Designer

Born in 1983.
Graduated from the Department of Visual CommunicationsDesign at the Collage of Art and Design in Musashino Art University. Became a freelance designerafter working in the publicity department at Takashimaya Department Store.
Designed most of the books by Shobunsha Publishing from 1964 to 1991 and established the company image.
Joined the formation of the theater company "Kuro Tent" in 1968 and designs posters and flyers for the company until now.
His design for Junji Kinoshita's novel "Hongo" won the Cultural Award by Kodansha Publishing in 1984.
Received the Book Design Award. He has designed about 6,000 books.
His book designs were made into lithographs and exhibited in solo exhibitions [The Power of Fonts] (Moji no Chikara) from home and abroad in 1992.
Art director for a magazine "Book and Computer" since 1997.
Producer of Theatre Iwato since 2005.

"Koga Hirano: The Book of Book Design" Published by Libroport (out of print)
"Koga Hirano: The Art of «Book Design» – The Shape of My Favorite Books" published by Shobunsha Publishing
"The Power of Fonts (Moji no Chikara)" published by Shobunsha Publishing
"Hand-drawing the Fonts (Moji o Kaku)" published by the editorial group SURE
"My hand-drawn Fonts" published by Misuzu Publishing

"The Power of Fonts: The Works of Koga Hirano" by F2 Company
CD-R "Koga Grotesque" Kana
CD-R "Koga Grotesque 06" Kanji