"Four Seasons" was finished until September 2009.

Theater Triangle on you Tube

 The other direction products are as follows:


I described the four seasons in Japan not on a canvas, but on a stage.
Instead of the colors, I used the triangles, body of the actors and sound of a piano.
When I was driving on a freeway in countryside, I felt it." This country is still beautiful "
I wanted to describe it like a photographer to use a camera and like a painter to draw a picture.
And then, CHICAPAN and I had a workshop "triangles" with the children and those parents.
It was the imagining game which used triangles.
I had same workshops with children, teachers, and handicapped persons.
I got some images from those and developed this production from it with actors and musician.
You find only triangles and two actors with piano sound in the stage.
When accompanied by your imagination, you will find some beauty, humour and eternal life.  
                                       −Director:KUSUNOKI Tsubame






 RIN Heitsu 



OGAWA Kousaku 


We thank all who supported us to present "Triangle - Four Seasons" in UNIMA 2004 at Lijeka, Croatia.
And we thank ETSUKO WORLD ltd. and Ms. SAKURADA Tokiko,too.

We are always willing to tour abroad; however, we should make various arrangements to bring a show from Japan to other countries. If you are interested in our show, please contact us and keep in touch.
Pantomime: CHICAPAN
Puppetry: OGAWA Kosaku
Piano: RIN Heitetsu
Director: KUSUNOKI Tsubame
Lighting Designer: WATANABE Shohei
Set Construction: MASUKO Jun
Stage Manager:YAMABE Toshifumi


INFORMATION Triangle - Four Seasons

This is last chance TRIANGLE-FOUR SEASONS goes to your town!
we can go with this show only from April to Octber 2009.
Fee and Transportation:
We ask for 2,000 Euro per performance. We ask you to cover traveling and transportation expenses,too. Even if And guarantee domestic transportation, accommodation, performance expenses, and some amount of performance fee.
The theater equipmentequipment is in 4 boxes. It has about 70kg..We can carry them with us as laggage. However, you have a case necessary to pay excess fee to 10kg. When I go with seven people, it is not necessary. The size is as follows.
 - H375mm×W1310mm×D430mm(wooden Box) ≒25kg
 - H375mm×W1215mm×D430mm(wooden Box) ≒25kg
 - H320mm×W455mm×D350mm(wooden Box)
 - H200mm×W1105mm×D545mm(plastic Box)
Technical Information
Stage: width 9 meters x depth 6 meters (blackout necessary)
Sound: Piano necessary
Setting: 6 hours
Strike Down: 1 hour and 30 minutes
Length of Show: 1 hour
Members: 6 persons
Lights: 20 circuits (minimum circuits)
(wash light - 3, front of house - 3, on stage -4, suspension - 3, specials-7)
Audience: 300-500
Workshop KUSUNOKI Tsubame can do workshop with triangles.
Materials:Color construction paper / 2 pieces*the number of people of the participant.
                 (Black, white, blue, yellow, red, green, and brown)
              Retractable knife/ 2 pieces*the number of people of the participant.
Capacity: Around 20.
Translator is needed.