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 The information provided on this 'Cutting Field IMRT' website is designed to support, not replace, the relationship that exists between a patient/site visitor and his/her physician. This site provide technical guidance for medical professionals, but you must use these information by your responsibility.

Cutting Field IMRT is one of techniques for radiation therapy. This site will provide its information for medical professionals. If you are not a medical specialist, please talk with health professionals when I use the information of this site. (Medical guidelines and medical insurance system are different by countries and districts.)

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@What an individual can specify will do not carry. Processing which erases a name, ID, etc. about a picture, a photograph of his face, etc. is performed, and it considers as a thing indispensable in order to show a point of an argument.

I fully consider management of an individual address. However, in order to pass the open course of the Internet, please recognize that security is not perfect. There is no intervention of a third person for E-mail, etc. About mail, all consultations, a complaint, an opinion, etc. are received widely. However, a reply may not necessarily be made directly and indirectly about it. Furthermore, about the information by the reply of mail, I think that I would like you to surely carry out the opinion of another medical staffs, such as a family doctor, etc. to reference. In the case of contents as which an individual is specified, or contents which slander a third person without a basis, about a bulletin board, it may delete without warning to a person concerned.

 About the information about a medical-examination actual result

@It is one local hospital and reservation of the number of cases which should be compared in all domains is impossible. Therefore, it remains under the category of a case report. Please care about a different point from the result of large-scale medical treatment research.

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