This sample case was planed by the secretary of my hospital!

A sample case of the parotid tumor invading sorround area.

Of course, she does not have medical knowledge especially about radiation therapy. I wanted to prove that anyone can make highly conformal treatment planning, so I asked her arrange for fiexed-ports arrigment befor going home within 5 minutes. Naturally, I had carried out no directions to her and no advice. But the result very wonderful!! She make higly conformal plan!

Thus, if it is PTV of simple form, it is the advantage of CFIMRT that anyone can create easily good plan.


 A producer of NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) came to a hospital for a visit. After some presentation, she made these treatment plans.

 I did not give any suggestion for planning this plan.

(6MV photon, without any wedge filters, without any sub-segments.)

 She made this plan with 'template'. For simplification, 'field cut' of bilateral parotis were not done.

7 conventional fields (without any subsegments)


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