Radiotherapy with Cutting Field IMRT (CFIMRT) 

To achieve the dose distribution corresponding to that in IMRT using a conventional irradiation method, we propose the combination of rectangular rotation irradiation and fixed multiport irradiation (cutting field IMRT). In this site, I will demonstrate several clinical cases and these 'templates'.

No smallsegments are used for planning by CFIMRT. So this method is different from 'conventional IMRT '. <Reference>

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Head and Neck    Esophagus   Breast      Abdomen    Pelvis

Sample cases planned without MLC(Multi-Leaf Collimater) (RTP arts) ->Refer to 'Intensity modulated field' QA & QC            

      Cutting Field Technology    Combination of Fixed port and Rotational port

PowerPoint files are stored to briefcase if you need detailed drawing images.->Yahoo BriefCase

Wole neck irradiation 'Prescribe=Delivery=50Gy version'


Whole Pelvic LN irradiation (50Gy) for Prostate cancer: CTV by RTOG

Whole Pelvic LN irradiation (50Gy) for Gynecological malignancy: CTV by RTOG

Anorectal cancer: CTV by RTOG

6 Ports plan (2 arc) for prostate

Whole neck 66Gy by dose painting

Whole neck 66Gy (Oropharynx)

GIF anime about MLC and Gantry moving of DMLC-IMRT ( Conventional IMRT ).

In comparison MLC doesn't move during irradiation at each directions and no subsegments are used in CFIMRT.

'Segments' and 'Intensity Map' of IMRT: GIF animation      (Segments are not used basically at CFIMRT)

What is Cutting Field IMRT (CFIMRT)    Advantage of CFIMRT

  Information of CRIMRT                      CFIMRT is easy to plan

 QA and QC                                     The contributed cases

Comparison of each irradiation method

Intensity modulated field

Target movement during each IMRT sessions


How do you think these 'incidents'? : IAEA PowerPoint file (Accident report)

Please be sure to perform actual dose measurement in each irradiation fields in CFIMRT. And please be sure to perform comparison with the measurement dose and the calculation dose in RTPs.


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