Sample cases by without MLC

In CFIMRT concept, rotational port is rectangular shape rotational beam. I never use dynamic condormal rotational beam. I don't believe its accuracy, and it has some peculiarity by using MLC. I think that highly conformality needs MLC, but some lesions are able to plan without MLC.

Incomplete target delineation example

Anorectal cancer: CTV by RTOG

Whole pelvic irradiation (not for clinical use)

Bilateral neck irradiation for non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (without MLC)

The plan of favorable risk prostate cancer with RTOG 0415 dose constraint without MLC

Concave shape irradiation for prostate

Prostate 2 arc


Nasopharyngeal mass

ParaAortic irradiation

Brain tumor (metastasis)

Pelvic mass (malignant lymphoma)

 Cervical esophagus cancer (Open another window)

Nasopharyngeal region + whole neck (imaginary case, Open another window)

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