The change of the dose distribution during treatment period

Comparison IMRT with CFIMRT

The clinical presentation is described at 'The conservative therapy of Lt Ax and Sc'. In this page,  I will demonstrate the dose distribution change during treatment period by the data of this case.

   IMRT (Pre-treatment plan)                            CFIMRT (Pre-treatment plan)

Additional CT data is obtained after 25Gy irradiated. The new dose distributions are obtained by original beam settings ( beam direction, and weights, and segments ) for IMRT and CFIMRT.


Before treatment

After 25Gy (during treatment period)

Global max change 65Gy to 72Gy!! Hot point is made neck surface, so sever skin reaction will occur.


Before treatment

After 40Gy (during treatment period)

Global max does not change with 63Gy.

last modification date: 2006/04/05