How to plan prostate irradiation with template of CFIMRT 6 ports by XiO

 At first, draw each contours.

 Treatment Planning

This is the template for prostate ( 6 ports )

Port 1: 260deg. Fixed port

 Set each Parameters.

The MLC shape is fitted to PTV.  (Leaf margin is 5mm.)

Jaw opening is adjusted to MLC shape.


 'Field Cut' is done at the anterior edge of rectal shape.


( When warning as shown in the above figure appears, MLC should be opend a little, or a dose indication point sould be chosen another point.)

Port 2:  260deg. Fixed port

260 deg. fixed port is also set up in the same way.


Port 3:  230deg. Fixed port

You need not 'field cut' at this port.

Port 4:  140deg. Fixed port

Port 5:  rectangular rotational port

 Adjust Jaw width and length

The width is just edge of PTV for all directions. The lenght is PTV + 1 cm.


Port 6: 0deg. Fixed port ( 90 deg collimator rotation)

Field cut cranial direction.

Finally, you should check biological parameters.

calculate DMU


last modification date: 2006/04/03