MLC (multi-leaf collimator)

In 'Segment based IMRT', MLC plays an important role.


 'Segments' and 'Intensity Map' of IMRT (Intensity modulated radiation therapy)

The distribution which should be aimed ( Intensity Map ) at one port direction and the GIF animation of during irradiation.

 ( Conventional IMRT is such complex method. On the other hand, MLC doesn't move during irradiation at each directions and no subsegments are used in CFIMRT.)

Conventional IMRT uses many subsegments with small fields. The beam from one direction is the combination of such small fields. The combination of subsegments is based on Intensity Map ( Like construction diagram ).


Each segments at one port of IMRT.

A small segment is combined in order to realize the beam which carried 'intensity modulated beam', because only homogenous irradiation can be performed in the one irradiation field.








 In CFIMRT, corresponding port is only one MLC shape.

last modification date: 2006/04/03