Welcome to PINBOX!
We are HRC pin collectors from Japan.

Hope you enjoy this site
and come back often to check for updates.



We bought our first HRC pin
at Honolulu HRC in 1993.

We were not really into HRC pins at that time,
and just bought it as souvenir of our trip.
After that, we slowly added to our collection
each time we visited a HRC.


In 2001 we were shopping at a big shopping mall
called Queenfs Square located in Yokohama.
While looking around we found the Yokohama HRC.

We bought a number of pins there
and started what we consider eour real collectionf.


We have been HRCPCC members since 2003.

We attended PINDEX in 2003 & 2004
and are thinking about attending every year.

 - We are really hooked into this hobby! -

We hope this site will help us to make
many trading friends all over the world.

We made a Japanese web site
in the summer 2004,
and it is working much better than we expected.


Happy Trading!

natsu & Asa







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