The ultramodern robot technology

Astro Boy and Iron Man the 28th
(Both are Japanese famous ROBOT animation character)

The robots that fascinated children

The symbol of almighty science can be


The remarkable development of technology

made dreams come true in this 21st century.

Today, I'll introduce those robot that the latest technology bore.

Do you know which country is No.1 Robot country in the world? 

It's Japan.

The robot industry today cannot have developed without Japanese technology.

Its robot technology is such way excellent.

At that time, among those many boys who were fascinated by robots on TV,

some boys made up their minds

to make Astro Boy by themselves

and never gived up.

Time went by,

after many hardships, those great engineers

 finally created an excellent robot that reminds us of Astro Boy.

Here I'll introduce...
Self-walking robot 'ASIMO' by HONDA


Some might have been surprised to see how smoothly he walks.
Sony also invented small robot:SDR-3X

「SDR−3X(Trial manufacture)」

He danced with up-tempo music, which was amazing.

It is no question the dream the power of the engineers.

The image of robot society, which was unrealistic 10 years ago,

may come true in the near future.

Although I introduced them very quickly, robot, the fruit of all modern technology

will surely be the main industry of Japan in 21st century.

「ASIMO」by Honda & 「SDR」by Sony

The boys who have never given up their dream,

grew up and passed their dream to the next generation.

From Dream to Dream

I'd like to pay my respect to those Japanese engineers for their great progress in approaching our Astro boy.

I introduced Japanese great Robot technology, though very roughly,

with my best yell this time.

I believe that you could understand
the fact that

Japanese Robot technology is by far the greatest revel in the world.


A certain country gave their name

as a rival of Japanese Robot industry.

The country is....


The big country

that has 1,200 million nations and history of 4000 years.

I'll introduce an article which was reported recently.

Chosa national defence technology University

has achieved a great success of developing the first human-shaped robo
t in China.

According to the report, that name is


Height: 1.4m Weight: 20kg

Head, eyes, neck, body, arms and legs.

It has the same parts as human being

and furthermore, it has a basic language ability.

It's the very forefront of Chinese ultramodern technology

developed by the University under the immidiate control of Chinese government.

Shinkaden which reported this article said positively that

By developing Pioneer, Chinese robot technology has finally caught up with
the highest level technology
of advanced nation as Sony's rival!

Now, here is a trump of Chinesse government,



It hasn't caught up.

It hasn't caught up at all!!!!

They are Chinese.

They should not have invented such...

It's really funny country.

I also have made this kind of thing.

For my summer homework.


What's the ability of "Pioneer",
the fruit of their science technology?

They say Pioneer has a basic language ability but...

If I find someone talking to THIS,

I don't want to get close to him.

Oh, I mean I can't be close to him.


Pioneer and Chinese military buildup problem

Recently, Chinese military budget has 10% growth in every year and

it is one of the political issues of an Asian Security Treaty.

Ok, I understand.

I found something like a
cannon in its crotch.

This is a use!!


Inspect the whole body of Pioneer

I am unable to decide what should I inspect first

as it has too many elements to inspect.

First of all, this holding arm.

I love its foolish angle.

Eyes and nose.

Its negligence atmosphere is very cool.

In the first place, in this times of digital,

why is this picture black and white, Pioneer?

And the power cable behind it....

I cannot help wondering it is nothing but a prop.

Without this power cable, you cannot stand properly,

can you, Pioneer??

I am sure that you are born to make me laugh, Pioneer.

The fruit of Chinese ultramodern technology

Hopes of Chinese government

What a great robot

I don't need to say anymore.

May flourish Pioneer!!!