This is the official website of Kenichi Nakatsu, who was educated as fine artist in Britain and holds masters degree. This website therefore mostly deals with contemporary art and culture based on personal experience, idea, and philosophy.

Contents are divided into some categories. The "Notes" includes accounts ranged from theoretical issues to artist's background. Those are not only ingredients of my thought and practice but also my remarks directly or indirectly pertinent to current artistic or social environment.

The "Works" lists some of my studio works. Regardless of the style, a work of art is autonomous and self-sufficient. Based on this assumption, I search its conscience through exploration of certain mediums in which such framing of art is palpably represented. I recognize the function of art is firstly to criticise various issues through its peculiar vocabulary which entwines with certain ambiguity and subtlety, and secondly to surmount such strategy.

In the milieu of contemporary art, virtually anything can be turned into art and its concept depending on our involvement and knowledge. Accordingly, the "Sites" introduces various works of art and locales. Those seem to touch our heartstrings not because of outward forms but rather thought-provoking details and idiosyncrasies.


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Kenichi Nakatsu

kenichi nakatsu

M.A. Fine Art: The Slade School of Fine Art - University College London, B.A.Hons Fine Art and Foundation Diploma in Art and Design: The Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design - University of the Arts London.

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