All possibility × entertainment = kNock in Story Project

The music production of which it is the main is the synthesizer is done,
and it aims at the one with a beautiful new the one, one that remains in the mind, and melody and free wide works.
There is no limitation in the genre, and the member changes by music, too.

It is a project that pursues all the possibilities and the entertainments.


-kNock in Story Project 紹介プロフィール-

kNock in Story Project

- Members -
 J.M.C:作曲/編曲 On Synthesizer
RukaRusha:作詞/ART On Vocal
and more..

- Japan Music Creative Label -


J.M.Creative,nakajiproject,kNock in Story Project,ノックインストーリープロジェクト,のっくいんすとーりーぷろじぇ