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The city has a nuclear power station, hasn't it
NO, it is different. That is Tokai-Mura in Ibaragi-Prefecture.
Situated in the central part of Honshu, the largest of the four main islands of Japan, the city of Tokai has population of 100,000. It occupies the northwestern area of the Chita Peninshula, the south of Nagoya City in Aichi-Prefecture.

Tokai City has the largest iron & steel industrial complex in Chubu Region with Nippon Steel, Aichi Steel, Daido Steel and others.
As a suburban city of Nagoya, the city has flourishing agriculture too. Orchids, onions and a butterbur are specialities of Tokai City.

Tokai City has numerous tumuli and other places of historical interests.
During the ancient times, salt manufacture was flourish. Salt was a tribute to offer to the Imperial Court at that time.
In the middle ages, the ceramics industry grew up. It was influenced by the Seto and Tokoname ceramics.

During the modern times, reclamation works were executed. The sea was shallow for some distance from the shore at Yokosuka.
Yokosuka Palace, a villa of the lord of the Owari Clan 2nd, Mitsutomo Tokugawa,became the nucleus of townsmen. In the later Edo Period, Owari Clan appointed Heishu Hosoi the first school president, Dear of the Meirindo Clan school.

On April 1,1969(44th year of Showa)the amalgamation of Ueno-cho and Yokosuka-cho took place to make the present Tokai City.

Heishu Hosoi



Tokai City
Events and concerts in Tokai have attracted public attention.
Plays, concerts, public lectures and other events by first-class performers and presenters were offered free or inexpensively last year in Tokai City.
For example, events and concerts by Kimiko Mori, Midori Mori, Tokyo Kandenchi, Ensemble Kanazawa, Fuyuji Domon cost less than 1050 yen, and some of them were free of charge.
This year, for example, a one-man stage play by Jun Togawa will cost 840 yen, and there are many more.......(sponsored by Tokai City, etc)
It takes only 20 minutes by train from Nagoya station to Tokai City.
Although Tokai City is one of the lesser-known places for events and concerts, you will be able to enjoy the events above at a very reasonable cost.

Events and concerts

Special thanks to Yoshiko Yoshida.