HandleName : igazo
Welcome !
This web site is a private homepage about Flyfishing. The web master uploads his pleasant memories of wonderful fishes caught by Flyfishing.
This site's keystone is very simple. It is "Expanding the wave of my fishing exchange"
I would like to hear from you!
Let's go fishing together.
My fishing brief history :
1979      Start with crayfishing in a pool
1980〜     Bait fishing in the sea or pond. Recognize lure fishing
1994〜1998  Being crazy about Black Bass lure fishing temporarily
1996       Kicking off my Flyfishing. Toll pond or mountain stream

1998      Search new Flyfishing target in the sea or lake
2002      Handle a salmon fly rod(two hand rod). Being oriented toward a big fish(but I never catch・・・)
habitat     :Chiba , Japan
birth year   :1972
my favorite  : See movies , Scuba diving , Snowboard , Browsing without buying
            Japanese-style pancake , Playing with my daughter


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