Emerger no FF meisouki

The web master is all-round Fly fisher.
(He is my Flyfishing teacher)
This site is rich in content about his several hobby.
That's hilarious!


Now this is what I call innovative pleasure Flyfishing boat !
I've never seen such a fishing guide who can do what angler wants.
The BayHamster gives saltwater Flyfisher new hope.

Around the loop

The web master caught 100 fish species by Flyfishing.
I really respect his spirit of inquiry and ingenuity.
Here is unexplored Flyfishing territory with great potential !



He makes a fishing trip back and forth across the world.
Alaska or New Zealand , that is a Mecca for Flyfisher.
If you want to get useful information on salmon fishing in Alaska , please enter here.

Takezoo no kyujitsu

This site has a homy and delightful atmosphere.
And it shows us what he is.(warm person)
He also puts great effort into spey fishing.


It makes a clear departure from the ordinary fishing site
,though the main content is about Flyfishing.
Unique in own way ! That's pretty cool

Friend of Water

This site has an array of beautiful and big fishes.
The web master is the expert in lake and river fishing.
It is hard not to feel that the power of spey casting !

Kappa no Flyfishing

He chases not only trout but a variety of fish species
by Flyfishing.
This site shows fun-filled atmosphere about his fishing.

GUNJI no chougyotaizen

"If at fishing there be laughter , that's enough."
I sympathize with his way of thinking.
He knuckles down Bass fishing with float tube.

Flyfishing My Life

There are a lot of innovative idea about fly tying and fishing strategy.
This site will help for Flyfishing beginner definitely.
He also makes Japanese unsplit whole bamboo fly rod.

Baron's fishing report

This site transmits the local Flyfishing scene from Chiba, Japan.
The fascinating flyfishing targets are bass , sea bass , carp , etc.
He enjoys quite unique fishing !


This web site is operated by FLY shop "Rocks".
I owe some benefit to this shop.
The shop master is full of kindness.
This shop is land mark of Chiba FLY fishing exactly.


This site is full of humor just like Japanese comedy show.
There is an art in this site as well.
The site name "Particular"stands for contents certainly .


He always launch on a new fishing target.
There are a lot of result achieved to date.
Big,Big fishes!!


This blog introduces representative Salt water Fly fishing scene of this country.
The web master also develops esteemed activity for the sea.

You are free to link to this site by this banner.
But I hope you will be so kind as to let me know.

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