1 Preface

2 History of Lambda Capacitor

3 The first step into audiocrafts

    Set bias to your transister

    Change current regulator into amplifier

    Add final Stage

    Portable CD player "Young girl"

4 All FET power amplifier

5 V-FET power amplifier

6 MOS-FET single amplifier

7 UHC-MOS FET single amplifier

8 Bipolar push-pull power amplifier    

9 Bipolar single power amplifier

10 Fostex FE203 back-loaded horn speaker

11 Euro-Units 2 way speaker

13 BC10 full range system

14 History of Periscope

15 Pioneer's edgeless 8cm fullrange

16 Kanzen amp III

18 FE103 Bass-reflex (MFB driven)

19 Onzow MFB20

21 FE168sigma compact bass-reflex

26 Kuuki Ninja

Appendices   *

         Music workshop

                 Tube amplifier sancutuari

                     Private garden

                  Famous Japanese Garden