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09/9/22:U.K. Original LP "HELP!" Up!
09/6/7:U.K. Original LP "PLEASE PLEASE ME" Up!
09/1/11:U.S. Original LP "introducing... THE BEATLES" Up!
07/9/2:U.K. Original LP "PLEASE PLEASE ME"Up!
07/3/26:U.S. Original LP "MEET THE BEATLES" Up!
07/3/13:U.K. Original LP "PLEASE PLEASE ME"Up!
07/2/1:U.K. Original Single 1962-1966 "PLEASE PLEASE ME" Up!
06/11/12:U.K. Original LP "RUBBER SOUL" Up!
06/11/12:U.K. Original LP "A Collection of Beatles OLDIES" Up!
06/9/30:U.S. Original LP "A HARD DAY'S NIGHT" Up!
06/9/10:U.K. Original EP "MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR" Up!
06/7/29:U.K. Original LP "PLEASE PLEASE ME" Up!

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