Happy Roadster

Eunos Roadster, MAZDA Roadster, MAZDA MX-5 Miata

produced by mhoohmjw@asiya.city,JAPAN

EunosRoadster (in the foreign countries which preceding is put on the market to and MAZDA MIATA) appeared in the Japanese road for 1989 years in summer.
"Anyone becomes happy certainly if it has just a little courage which gets this car." was written in the first page of that catalog.
Ten years have passed from that.Could everyone of the owner of Roadster become happy?
Don't the people who think whether it will become an owner from now begin to become happy?


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Contents of this HP are written about EUNOS Roadster 1.6L model of Japanese specification.
EUNOS_Roadster is named MAZDA_MX-5, MAZDA_Miata at abroad, and it is released.

I use automatic English translation service for my Japanese web. I want the people who can't read Japanese to read information on Japanese EUNOS Roadster(MX-5, Miata).

Excite.co.jp provides this service. Automatic translation isn't perfect. However, you can get information even from that imperfect English.

Please enjoy my web.

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Now,I will look for another translation web.


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