Welcome to all the fans of the Monster World series. You can always expect that little bit more from my well-loved site, Wonder boy Land. Im always updating my site with information so new that some of it appears here for the very first time ever on the net and in print.

Take the time to look around and discover what makes this the number one shrine to Wonder boy III The Dragons Trap different from all the others. There are many things to see and do while you are here. Can you find Mecha's Secret Treasure Room hidden deep within these pages?

Once you open the treasure chest, you will discover something strange. Just for fun I've added a Mystery Sound when you visit my download page. Listen to it a few times and it will soon click. Ive discovered new cheats and created a unique and cool downloads for everyone to enjoy.

Write me and let me know what you think, make suggestions and submit new things. I now have a Fox-man mascot so lookout for him.  Make sure you drop in again for your Wonder boy fix with maybe some new surprises to explore. Stay tuned......

モンスターワールドII ドラゴンの罠


This is an unofficial, non-profit web site created to promote and immortalize Wonder boy III aka Monster World 2. I am not associated nor affiliated with the creators, companies, partners and associates and any others of these games and systems on this site. I am also not associated nor affiliated with any links found to and from this site. Wonder boy Land is owned and maintained by Furanku for the fanatics of WB III or MW II. I am not associated nor affiliated with any copyrights not mentioned on this site. All game titles, character, names, images, music, text, sounds, and all other multimedia remain the property of the game creators, copyright, trademark, licensee, controller and intellectual property holders. This site has been entertaining fans since August MM.

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